Best Country For Nigerians To Hustle

Even before the economy and security situation of Nigeria became this bad, Nigerians have always loved to travel the planet and explore the economic prospects of other places. Now, however, it seems that there’s certain desperation about it; one in five Nigerians would grab the opportunity to travel outside the shores of the country to go and hustle. 

One must however make careful considerations before embarking on such a journey;  one among the considerations to be made is which country to go to and hustle as a Nigerian. Of course,  so as not to jump from frying pan to fire, one must first consider the economy of that place, then the subsequent thing would be to consider how that country ranks in terms of peace,  then one should consider how welcoming the citizens of that country are to outsiders.

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As a Nigerian who wants to travel and hustle outside the country,  you do not have to worry about crunching that data; Naijaquest has done all the research for you here during this article.  However, what country you’ll go to,  and the way you will get there depend solely on you.  

Best Countries for Nigerians to Hustle

1. Canada

Canada may be a  country in North America. The country is made up of ten provinces and three territories that are so large (9.98 million square kilometers) making Canada the second-largest country by land size in the world. Canada also shares a border with the USA- the world’s longest land border between countries. Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and Toronto is the most popular city in the country.

Canada may be a  full democracy,  and therefore the society is liberal.  there’s a strong emphasis on social justice,  and therefore the protection of human rights. Your human rights are guaranteed as soon as you step foot in Canada.

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Canada is the world’s tenth-largest economy in the world and is currently the best country for Nigerians to hustle. It’s also one of the least corrupt countries in the world.  It’s one of the world’s top ten trading nations,  and therefore the economy is well balanced.  A serious contributor to Canada’s economy is Oil, but there’s also a lot of Agriculture and Forestry. The services sector is additionally a big contributor to the economy.

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2. USA

The US of America which is popularly referred to as the United States of America is a country in North America.  It’s the world’s fourth-largest country by total area. The country is the oldest federation in the world.  It’s a representative democracy. However, one must state that there has been a gentle rise in hostility towards immigrants to the United States.

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The economy of America may be a  solid one. The International fund states that the U.S.  features a  GDP of $22.7 trillion. The country has over 16% of the gross world product at purchasing power parity. The US currency; the dollar is the currency of international trade. The US  is named the Land of Opportunity.

3. UK

The UK, also called Britain, maybe a  sovereign country in north-western Europe. Presently this country comprises the island of Great Britain,  Northern Ireland,  and lots of smaller islands within the British Isles.

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The  UK is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy but has a liberal society where people are treated fairly and justly.  The United Kingdom has a partially regulated market economy, although much of the United Kingdom economy is controlled by outside investors from India, China, Russia,  then many other countries.  A number of the biggest contributors to the UK economy are Banking, Retail commerce, Sports, Energy, and land.

4. Australia

Australia may be a  sovereign country in Oceania and one of the best countries for Nigerians to hustle.  It’s the world’s sixth-largest country in the world and has a population of nearly 26 million. Despite the population,  you’ll find that most Australians live in fa ew highly urbanized areas. Canberra is the nation’s capital, while the foremost popular city is Sydney.

Australia may be a  free society,  and therefore the people are quite welcoming to immigrants. Economically, the country is sound.  there’s a very low rate of poverty- this is the country with the second-highest average wealth in the world. 

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Australia’s economy is essentially dominated by Mining, especially gold. However,  there’s plenty of Technology, Agriculture, E-commerce, and Retail commerce,  and therefore the services sector is also doing well.

5. Germany

Germany may be a  country in Central Europe.  It’s the country with the second-highest population in Europe after Russia. Germany features a  population of over 83 million. Germany may be a  democracy, and one of the most historically significant countries in Europe. 

Socially, the country has improved,  and other people from all over the world are more welcome here. The country may be a  developed economy with the most highly skilled labor force in the world.  you’ll find yourself in the manufacturing sector, or if you select a business,  you’ll start exporting cars to Nigeria.

6. New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country within the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is extremely much associated with Australia, with which it’s often confused despite the fact that it is about 2,000 kilometers away.

New Zealand has a complicated market economy.  It’s one of the countries with the highest ratings on the Human Development Index, and also Economic Freedom. The Kiwi dollar is a crucial international currency, although closely related to the Australian dollar.

7. The Netherlands 

The Netherlands, which is additionally popularly known as Holland, may be a  country in Western Europe. The Netherlands has borders with Germany and Belgium. This country has several dependent territories and has always been a crucial country.

The Netherlands has a developed economy, and one could be surprised at the level of diversity to be seen in the country: shipping, fishing, agriculture, trade, banking, sports, and education, all contributing sectors to what’s a great and flourishing economy.

8. Finland

Finland may be a  Nordic country in Northern Europe. It shares borders with Sweden, Russia, and Norway. Finland has an area of 338,455 square kilometers and features a  population of 5.5 million people.

The economy of Finland is surprisingly solid for such a little country; it is based on the service sector,  then manufacturing. The country does plenty of foreign trade with countries like Germany, France, Belgium, and so on. As a Nigerian who has come to Finland to hustle you’ll most likely find yourself in the services sector.

9. Norway

Norway may be a  Nordic kingdom country in Northern Europe.  This is often one of the Scandinavian countries. The country features a  total area of 385,207 square kilometers and features a  population of 5,385,300. Norway may be a  country that offers much in terms of culture, history, and economic prospects.

Norwegians have the second-highest GDP per capita among European countries. One can say that this is often the richest country in Europe.  you’ll find opportunities in manufacturing, in business, or within the service industry.

10.  Saudi Arabia 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country in Western Asia. The country is the largest in the Arabian Peninsula; it has a land area of approximately 2,150,000 km2. It shares borders with Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain,  and therefore the  United Arab Emirates.

Saudi Arabia is the most important country in the world; this country has the second-largest proven petroleum reserves in the world and also wields great cultural and religious influence on other parts of the world.

There are plenty of opportunities in Saudi Arabia, especially for medical professionals; doctors are in high demand,  and they command very good pay.


The list of best countries for Nigerian hustle could persist and stretch much further than what has been written here; with the enterprising spirit of Nigerians, you would be surprised as to what countries many Nigerians have gone to,  then made it. The important thing is to find a place where you will be given a fair chance, and where you’ll get the rewards for your hard work.

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