12 Best Early Childhood Programs

Early childhood education (ECE), sometimes known as preschools, is a subset of educational philosophy concerned with the official and casual training of children from birth until the year of eight. Generally, this corresponds to the average of third grade.


ECE arose as a field of interest during Modernity, especially in European countries with the highest literacy rates. It grew in popularity throughout the 19th century as elementary education became the standard in the Developed world.


Selecting the perfect preschool program can be overwhelming for parents, educators, and executives. They seek to provide youngsters with a firm foundation before daycare without robbing them of their youth.


The finest preschool program, on the other hand, isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s the one that’s best for your children. This page will serve as a resource for preschool and pre-K curriculum selections for use at home or in the classroom.

1. Positive Action Pre-K Kits

Positive Action is a fantastic nursery program for school settings that may also be used at home. It reads like a narrative with two recurrent characters, Mimi and Squeak, the hand puppet hedgehogs.

Positive Action, as the name suggests, reaffirms the belief that positive deeds are both rewarding and enjoyable, all in Unit 1. They accomplish this by combining songs, applause, and “gestures” poems that inculcate and encourage these ideals.


The practice of self-love is directed to the self in Unit 2. Children will learn to use positive activities to enhance their bodies and minds.


Continuing onto Unit 3, which supports well-being by teaching children to appreciate their work, attention, emotions, belongings, and other assets.


In Unit 4, children are taught how to interact and associate with others. Furthermore, Unit 5 emphasizes the importance of honesty as a value. Finally, Unit 6 teaches students how to set and attain goals.


For $400, you’ll get an instruction booklet with lesson ideas and teaching advice, 130 scripted lessons (5-10 minutes), a Pre-Kindergarten app, 24 visual aids, 8 activity sheets, and an app for Pre-Kindergarten.

13 full-color posters, 30 completion certificates, and a variety of other items are included.

2. Before Five in a Row

This preschool program for homeschoolers is appropriate for children aged 2 to 4. It’s broken down into three sections: texts, lessons, and preparatory activities. 


You’ll also find it chock-full of inventive ideas for making studying a never-ending experience. The back of the handbook has art, singing, fingerplay, and other entertaining ideas.


This is for you if your preferred method of teaching is to expose your children to beautiful literature and to consider everyday activities as learning opportunities. 


You and your children can talk about the storylines, novels, and personalities, and sometimes even act out scenarios. If you don’t enjoy over-planning or having an abundance of specified activities, the kindergarten curriculum is a suitable option.


This is thanks to the Preschool Organizing Section, which contains preschool program suggestions for any day of the week along with a list of required items. Simply gather your children and study and engage with them. This keeps everything easy and enjoyable.

3. Horizons

This schooling early education curriculum, presented to you by Alpha Omega Publications, offers a more notebook style and intellectual approach, including history classes, arithmetic, astronomy, linguistics, PE, recreational sports, art projects, creative cuisine, field excursions, and language arts.


If you want a child care center with a lot of workbooks, specific topic tasks, and some practical learning activities, this is the program for you. The Horizons Preschool Curriculum Kit includes 40 weeks of activities and instruction. 


There are 180 lessons in total, distributed among two student books, two teacher’s guides, a resource packet, and a sing-along music CD. The teaching recommendations in the teacher’s handbook will be very useful to families, owing to the directions in the lesson plans for teaching lessons.


Furthermore, the product includes basic flashcards, and a separate multimedia package can be purchased for a more interactive learning environment.


4. Oak Meadow

Oak Meadow is a homeschool preschool curriculum that emphasizes imagination and creativity. Swinging, music, walking, hobbies, fingerplay, beach and water activities, nature hikes, and story-telling are all examples of this. 


Furthermore, it establishes the fundamentals of knowledge, which your children will carry with them throughout their education. The Heart of Learning, Learning Processes, Preschool Paint Kit, Toddlers Sing CD, and Beeswax crayons are all included in the $159 preschool curriculum (block). 


Homeschooling, online learning with teacher support, and academic credit are all options for this preschool curriculum.

5. Time4Learning

This online preschool curriculum is designed for pre-readers and pre-kindergarten students. With simple vocal directions and appealing images, the award-winning Time4Learning encourages a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

It also looks into a variety of topics, such as forms, colors, cuisines, and tools. They’re taught with the use of songs and stories, as well as worksheets.

6. Winter promise

Charlotte Mason’s Winter Promise is a nursery school. It recognizes the value of reading in affecting youngsters, as does Before Five in a Row and probably even more so. 


To put it another way, it’s a literature-based preschool program for homeschooling kids. This preschool curriculum may be a good fit for parents who wish to create a learning environment in which they may learn alongside their children rather than instruct them. 


It also allows you to have a lot of face-to-face time with your kids because it doesn’t involve any preparation on your behalf and relies on hands-on learning.

7. The Peaceful Press Preschool

One more Charlotte Mason-based childcare curriculum for homeschooling is the Peaceful Press Preschool. It is classified as a living education program. 


In other words, it places a premium on reading, creativity, connecting with nature, and traveling throughout the world. It’s also based on a project and literature. The preschool program will run for 26 weeks.


It includes a parent guide to daily activities, as well as numbers, craft projects, and an alphabet printable bundle. Your youngster may learn his numbers, sounds, and letters via play-based activities.


 It also distinguishes out since it offers weekly themed dishes for each session, which may be entertaining. 

8. Mother Goose Time

Mother Goose Time is a high-quality, research-based, and imaginative preschool curriculum. Songs, art, logic, and hands-on learning are all used in its lessons. It’s also appropriate for usage by teachers in child-care centers and parents at home. Mother Goose Time is a developmentally appropriate activity for toddlers aged 2.5 to 5.

9. FunShine Express 

FunShine Express is a classroom-ready preschool curriculum that is related to pre-kindergarten benchmarks. Teachers who subscribe to the quarterly digital plan receive teaching materials that are ready to use. 


This contains teacher tools, circle time materials, physical fitness, art, and other life skills. Learners can also use click-and-drag gestures to rearrange games.


Most importantly, by changing or authoring activities and finding thousands of new activities, this preschool tool allows teachers to tailor the curriculum to their children’s needs.


 Of course, parents can opt out of some activities to give their children a more comfortable learning environment.


10. The Little Learning Box Program 

Little Learning Box is a preschool program for classroom usage designed primarily for young children, ages 2 to 4. The activities will appeal to children, and teachers will find them simple to implement.


This is a three-day program with a 12-day supply box.

Additionally, there will be an extra “exceptional” day; as a result, the package has to last you a month.


Document, frame, and number practice sheets, a math board with counters, conniving math cards, “fun” mental cards for numbers, alphabets, patterns, color schemes, and trends, one theme mini-book, letter and number cutouts, a shape puzzle, or collage, a shape mini-book, and other products are included in this curriculum.

11. A Year of Skillful Playing

A Year of Playing Skillfully is a surprise preschool curriculum for early childhood development that is available as a paper book or an eBook. It can also be utilized in a classroom, a daycare, or at home.


It is appropriate for youngsters aged three to seven. As a result, adults can group kindergarten and early primary students.

It is appropriate for youngsters aged three to seven. As a result, adults can group kindergarten and early primary students.


This program provides children with significant learning chances to develop a variety of skills, including social, physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities. This is accomplished by looking at character qualities and themes that are appropriate for their age grouping and Creating a Learning Environment

12.  Opening the World of Learning

In a nutshell, DLM Early Childhood Express published OWL as a preschool curriculum to be used in the classroom. It’s a thorough preschool curriculum.


It uses research-based success predictors to provide an accurate assessment to teachers. It also provides youngsters with tailored, concentrated, and enjoyable teaching.


The core of OWL is that children need to be immersed in a rich learning environment during their early life, but that it isn’t nearly enough. These encounters must have a goal-oriented and deliberate framework.


Current Thoughts


Finally, the Positive Action program is a preschool curriculum that combines the best of both cultures. It’s fantastic for school and can be changed for homeschooling needs, where most programs are one or the other. Most significantly, it places a strong emphasis on encouraging positive behavior toward oneself and others in a happy setting

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