What Is Indeed Jobs?

Over 250 million unique individuals visit Indeed’s global job board each month. Companies can advertise job openings and screen applicants on the website. Job seekers can upload their resumes, look through job postings, and possibly get scouted for their next step in the profession. The website also serves as a kind of social network where users post content with a focus on their professional lives. 

Do you have a strong opinion about the workplace or a novel idea that you’d like to share? In fact, this is the place to go. Here is a brief explanation of how Indeed operates and how both job seekers and searchers can benefit from it.

How is Indeed structured?

Employers can register for free to share job opportunities at their organizations. Don’t forget to add the following while creating your business profile on the Indeed Company Page:

  • business updates
  • employee evaluations
  • assessments of job satisfaction
  • role priorities

For Jobseekers

  • Set up a free profile and an employment profile to get started for job searchers. 
  • To include your résumé in the file you want to upload, click “Upload your resume.” 
  • When looking for new chances, it’s helpful to be able to format, edit, and choose your preferred privacy level. 

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When Applying for jobs 

  • Visit the Indeed homepage.
  • Enter the keywords for the position you’re looking for, your firm name, or the sector you’d like to work in in the “What” box.
  • Enter the region, city, region, or zip code where you want your employees to be in the “Where” box. 
  • For job applicants to demonstrate their expertise and present themselves as competitive candidates, Indeed also offers skills-based assessment exams.

What is the price of Indeed?

Indeed is free for job seekers to use. A Sponsored Job can cost an employer anywhere from $5 and $499. When they sponsor a position, businesses are 4.5 times more inclined to recruit someone. Indeed introduced a new pricing structure in 2022 where you pay cost-per-application (CPA) rather than per click. 

As a result, as an employer, you’ll only pay for applications that satisfy your standards in terms of quality and job seeker answers. You will have the last say in which apps you pay for and can evaluate applications before being charged.

Can I take Indeed tests again?

Employers can use Indeed assessments to locate applicants who have the abilities they need and contrast them to others who have completed the same test. Indeed exams provide you the chance to highlight your talents as a candidate. 

The average assessment lasts around 10 minutes, but Indeed advises blocking off 30 minutes. You have the option of sharing your results manually or automatically. 

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Indeed provides a one-time reset for each test the test taker has taken within the last six months when it comes to retakes. Other than that, you cannot retake any assessments until six months have passed since you received your results.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Indeed


  • Simple keyword, title, industry, and location-based job searches. additionally, a sophisticated filter tool to limit results
  • Appropriate for posting for various types of work, including part-time, freelance, and internships
  • In order to swiftly apply for positions, candidates can publish and store their resumes.
  • Candidates receive daily job notification emails with links to fresh job postings relevant to their quest.
  • Given that more and more job searches are being conducted on mobile devices, Indeed is mobile-friendly and sometimes even offers a downloadable app.
  • both free and paid job posting


  • Job postings face fierce competition because new positions are added every second.
  • Free job postings gradually drop in the search results and become less visible.

Is Indeed worth it?

The most popular employment portal in the world, Indeed, offers both employers and job seekers a variety of alternatives. Candidates can create an account for free and easily upload their resumes. Employers will look over resumes and get in touch with you.

Employers can also save money using this option because they only pay when they receive a quality application. Employers can more easily focus their search on applicants who possess the desired abilities thanks to the skill assessments. Finding relevant job openings and qualified people is simple with Indeed.

What benefits do Indeed Sponsored Jobs ads provide?

Because they are featured in search results and are the first job advertisements users see, Sponsored Jobs boost the visibility of job postings on Indeed. By using Sponsored Jobs, you can ensure that your job advertisements are found easily and don’t get buried beneath other free job postings. Indeed claims that sponsored jobs can get up to five times as many clicks as unsponsored postings.

Who is able to access and apply to my job postings?

Candidates can browse job postings from desktop and mobile computers, and anyone visiting the site, even those without an account, can search for them.

Where can I find job postings?

On Indeed, job seekers enter keywords that are relevant to their interests. When your job title, description, location, or other information matches the supplied search criteria, your job posts then show up in search results. This guarantees that the most qualified candidates will view your job posting. Free job postings, however, will gradually become less visible as they drop in the search results as more positions are added.

What’s the procedure for Indeed Sponsored Jobs ads?

The CPC model governs sponsored job postings. Sets aside a budget for your advertisement that will maximize its return on investment, using the entire allotted sum to make sure it is seen by the appropriate target audience at the appropriate moment.


One of the biggest and most well-known job search engines is True. It is a general job board that collects job openings from many different sources and lists jobs in every industry and for every job title.

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