Top 15 Cheap Universities In Canada And Their Tuition Fees

Canada arguably has the best living standards the world over. Her leaders realize the importance of quality and better education, and that is why Canada’s public education is sponsored by provincial and federal governments but more by the provincial governments.

Thus, it additionally witnesses one in every of the utmost enrollment rates in post-secondary to Masters’s Degree. There are countless choices to choose from for the scholars seeking for master’s degree in this country.

Although every province differs slightly based on the style they manage their teaching system, some similarities are the same that students whose country of interest to study in Canada can get a perspective of what it takes to be part of the country’s education system. For instance, all universities and faculties grant bachelor’s,  master’s, and Ph.D. degrees whereas technical schools give out certificates or diplomas.

Canadian teaching establishments additionally embrace community schools that provide 2-year associate’s degrees, faculties of Applied Arts and Technology, provincial institutes, and private vocational schools or colleges. If a student is inquisitive about attending a selected vocational college or university, he or she ought to visit the website of that specific province to find out a lot concerning its distinctive academic system.

In this article, you’ll get basic which Canadian universities are the cheapest, tuition fees, what it takes to live in Canada– which might be a lot cheaper if you opt to take residence in the minor cities, admission necessities, and the way to use.

It is a known undeniable fact that in the USA, Australia or Britain schooling is more expensive than what is obtainable in Canada. You should read up on the cheapest Canadian universities which we would be addressing in this article.

Also, there are several low-cost tuition colleges and faculties to review your dream course in North American country if you are doing not have enough funds to afford to learn in USA, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

Cost of Living in Canada.

Cost of living merely suggests that the number of cash a student must beware of his/her expenses like feeding, accommodation, transportation, etc. In Canada, it’s terribly cheap thanks to its affordability when put next to places like Australia, the USA, or the UK.

That said, it will be approximated and stated as $600 to $800 a month for a student’s living expenses. This quantity can beware of his/her feeding, shopping for books, stationery, transportation etc.

For students living in Canada, this is the average estimated cost of living:

  • Accommodation (bedroom apartment) – $400 roughly per month.
  • Books and related things – $1000 each year
  • Movies – $8.50 – $13
  • Canteen meal– $10 – $25 per person
  • Groceries – $150 – $200 per month

What you actually spend as a student depends on your lifestyle but the above would give you an estimate

Applying to any Canadian university as an immigrant student takes completely different strategies. This is often a result of completely different Canadian universities having their own policy concerning admission requisites.

You need to go to the webpage of the school you want to get admission to for specific tips on it. As a better option, if you wish to use it for graduate studies in North American country, you’ll tolerate these steps below:

  1. Fill in the application form on the website of school.
  2. Submit your qualifications and transcripts
  3. Show proof of proficiency in English or French(the language of instruction relies on the program you wish to study)
  4. Submit letters of advice
  5. You have to write a letter of motivation – basically, an essay explaining why you selected Canada as your study of study.
  6. For international students that finished their college man program outside North American country, you will be needed to pay a world written document analysis fee to own your qualifications valid
  7. Finally, when your admission is warranted, you’ve got to use for a visa or study allow, and may additionally apply for scholarships or grants.

Tuition Fees

Average tuition for citizens of Canada or permanent residents seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree in their country would be within the range of $3,800 which is about 5000 CAD.  Students who opt to earn a graduate degree in a Canadian university ought to expect to pay concerning $1000 CAD a lot of annually than college man tuition fees.

Foreign or international students would have to pay higher fees than Canadian residents–nearly 3 times the number, in fact. If you’re a world student, expect to pay $7,600 averagely per semester for college man programs and a fair higher quantity for graduate degrees.

Even so, some agreements between some countries and provinces will lower the schooling fees (France and Quebec for instance). it’s been determined that nonresident students attending Saskatchewan and Quebec universities pay the best in tuition fees, whereas international students attending Newfoundland and Manitoba universities can pay rock bottom tuition fees.

Students should have verified the tuition fees from the respective schools or universities before applying and making plans to travel to Canada.

Tuition and Fees of Canadian Universities.

1. McGill University 3,800-4,560 1,900 7,600-17,100
2. University of Toronto 2,850 1,900 17,480
3. Univ. of British Columbia 2,470 760 15,580
4. University of Alberta 2,470 4,256 9,880
5. Universite de Montreal 2,280 7,600 3,040
6. McMaster University 5,700 2,850 12,160
7. University of Waterloo 2,660-5,700 3,040 9500-28,880
8. University of Calgary 2,280 3,040 7,220
9. Western University 3,420-22,040 3,420 11,400
10. Queen’s University 5,320 3,800 16,340
11. Simon Fraser University 2,280 2,660 5,320
12. Dalhousie University 3,800 6,840 7,600
13. Univ. of Victoria 5,700 3,040 7,220
14. Univ. of Manitoba 4,560 1,900 9,880
15. Univ. of Winnipeg 2,850 1,900 11,400



BS: Bachelor of Science

MS: Master of Science

All amounts are in US dollars.

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