Study Abroad Preparation Checklist

Studying abroad is one thing, the other is knowing the necessities to study abroad.

Everyone who wants to become an international student should at least know how to academically prepare for a study abroad program. 

However, studying abroad requires different types of preparation, some of which include mental preparation to study abroad, financial preparation, and knowing what other things are required for country-specific locations and universities of choice. For example, what to pack when studying abroad in Europe might be different from the study abroad packing list for Ireland or what to pack when studying abroad in the UK.

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However, whether you’re looking for a packing list for international students to the US, Canada or veritable tips for students moving abroad, then this post is specially baked for you.

Study abroad checklist for every prospective international student

  1. Apply for a passport.
  2. Learn about student visa applications and requirements.
  3. Get ready financially.
  4. Prepare academically and score well on every test.
  5. Get ready to learn a foreign language.
  6. Complete your medical requirements.
  7. Prepare against unfavorable conditions such as; weather, food, and illness.
  8. Check custom regulations for your visiting country.
  9. Learn more about your destination (conduct research online)
  10. Exchange currency.
  11. Buy a travel ticket.
  12. Get traveling insurance for students.
  13. Pack properly.

Honestly, pre-departure is an essential time in a student’s life to get everything properly done in order to ensure a smooth academic experience abroad.

Before we come to an end on this special guide, I would like to take a look at a few frequently asked questions about the travel abroad study checklist.

Study abroad packing list – Frequently asked questions

How many suitcases do I need to study abroad?

Generally, there’s no specification on this but usually, you are allowed three suitcases at most by the airport authorities.

When should I start preparing for study abroad?

The period in which the applications were accepted by the foreign university is a good time of the year to start preparing. However, it is also important to start preparing to study abroad immediately when you have the thought of doing so and begin to work towards your plan to study abroad.

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