Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

Do you know a student who’s stuck in a situation they cannot get out of? Is it actually as bad as they say, or do they just want to blow off a little steam and get some attention? Either way, their story might be the most creative one we’ve ever heard – and if so, Stuck at Prom just might give them a $1000 scholarship for it.

What is Stuck at Prom?


Stuck at Prom is an annual scholarship contest for teens (high school & junior high) that have been nominated by their respective high schools. Each year, we host a scholarship contest to find the best and brightest students who write about overcoming obstacles in life.

Stuck at Prom is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping high school seniors facing economic difficulties attend their senior prom.

Contestants can submit an essay on the site or film an original video. At the end of July, the top four entries will be posted online and voted on by young adults in the community.


A panel of judges will choose one grand prize winner and award them with a $5,000 scholarship toward their high school graduation expenses.

Who is eligible for the Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest

  • The contest is open to only residents of the United States and Canada
  • Applicants must be at least 14 years old.
  • Must attend a high school, home school association, or another school-sanctioned prom during the calendar year
  • Not a finalist in any previous Stuck at Prom contests.

How To Apply For Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest

  1. Create and wear your original, unique promwear using Duck® brand duct tape and/or Duck® brand crafting tape
  2. Take a high-resolution picture of the moment that matters with a quality camera.
  3. Fill out the Duct Tape scholarship application form and attach at least one photo you took in step 2.
  4. Click on submit and then wait for the notification email.

How much is the Stuck at Prom Scholarship?

If you are wondering how much is the Duct Tape scholarship worth, you should see the categories below;

  • Dress Category Runners Up: $500
  • Dress Grand Prize: $10,000
  • Tux Grand Prize: $10,000
  • Tux Category Runners Up: $500

Who won the Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest?

Who won the duct tape Challenge, is a common question asked by many, especially those who applied for the scholarship contest. However, the recent/current winners of the Duct Tape scholarship contest are usually published on the Duck Brand website.

How do you make a duck tape prom dress?

So, How do you make a duct tape dress? There are a handful of tips on how to make a Duck Tape Prom dress step by step online but we find the video below on how to make Duck Tape Dress informative.

When is Stuck at prom Scholarship deadline


The deadline: Unknown

We wish you the best of luck on your submissions. If you have further questions regarding the Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest, do not hesitate to ask us through the comment section below.

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