Top 5 Reasons Why Computer Science Isn’t A Business For The Kids

Ever thought about studying computer science at the university? Then you seriously need to read this post on “Why Computer Science Isn’t A Business For The Kids”.

The pace at which technology grows in our society is very imperative and a thing almost every society I know would like to experience.

The above does not contradict the fact that serious study and adaptations are required to put in place for everyone to fit into the society probably been dominated by technology.

In the 21st century, youths are expected to know more about technologies that dominate their society. Unfortunately, many people still see the study of computer science as a thing for the lazy ones.

It is evident from people’s approach to computer science that it is a newly introduced course of study in colleges located in many underdeveloped countries.

Today there are cases of emerging problems in the society requiring urgent attention and the computer analysis in approaching such problems are geared towards the identification of a problem that can be solved and a problem that can not be solved.

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Unlike people learning how to make use of the computer in roadside computer training centers, a computer scientist takes a close look at a problem, finds out if the problem is solvable, and then develops an algorithm for the problem.

1. Understanding of problems

For a problem to be solved, a computer scientist needs to know what the problem is and the possible cause of the problem.

His research and findings will leave him with tons of options to better understand the problem and possible steps to introduce in the development of algorithms.

There are many instances where people get lost trying to identify a particular problem, the cause, and the solvability of the problem.

2. You are required to be very dynamic

Different problems require different approachings, the cattle problem will always require a different approach other than the one used in solving the ram problem.

This is evident from the millions of available software developed by different computer scientists across the world, built to solve a specific task.

People who can’t figure out different solutions for different problems at different times will always face this as a big challenge.

A better understanding of the problem will always help you to be as dynamic as required.

3. Learning a non-natural language

…learning computer programing can be the next big challenge.

The computer technology industry is working seriously to make life easier for different people across the world.

This is bringing a great revolution in different sectors that it is practically impossible to see a sector that operates in full without the use of computer science whether a complete or embedded computer.

You have to shape your mind towards the learning of different computer languages, these languages no matter how the initiator tries to simplify it, can never be too easy to understand just like the natural languages we speak.

Some students who gained admission to study computer science sometimes end up complaining:

  • Coding is difficult, I can’t really cope with the coding
  • I hate codes and don’t know why I keep receiving many assignments that involve programming.
  • I can’t afford the time to sit and code for long hours
  • This is different from what I was told about computer science.

It is true that computer languages have undergone different generations, starting from the first generation language to the introduction of more human closely related languages to make things easier, one still needs to study hard to be equipped as a computer scientist.

I remember the looks on my face when I started learning how to code, I started with what my master would always refer as to the basic (HTML) and then learned how to place things on the screen and beautify web layouts using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and later find out that there is even more work to do like learning Object-oriented programming and server-sided scripts including database management using the Oracle platform.

I didn’t stop there as I was opportune to find out that there is more to computer science than what a layman could imagine. Getting into college to study computer science, becomes an option to consider.

Studying computer science at the university further made it clear to me that people who make good use of the computer (computer operators in the street) shouldn’t be referred to as computer scientists.

Because they do not know the procedures employed in problem-solving and the development of an algorithm in a computer scientist can handle.

4. Following trends

It all happens before our very eyes how things are upgraded from time to time and how people who refuse to follow the trend are easily phased out.

Every now and then, new computer languages are introduced either to upgrade already existing ones or to create a language that is totally different and in no way related to the existing one.

Should you always learn new languages or follow the most current updates about the computer languages you already know.

As a programmer, you must have come to a point in life where you are confused about which one to follow. The main point here is that as a computer scientist, you need to know when a particular computer language you know is updated to a newer version and then learn more about the new changes in the versions contained.

I still remember when we were taught how to code using Python two, and what happened when there was the introduction of Python 3. Apart from this, many other computer languages we know keep on updating to enhance their efficiency, learning them and always updating your knowledge to the most current update isn’t really a thing for the kids.

Unfortunately, many schools in some developing countries still make use of obsolete computer textbooks to lecture their students. This will not only affect their learning but their future as it will be surprising for one to graduate from college only to find out that he/she has been fed with packs of outdated information.


5. Building your own app

I don’t usually buy the idea of seeing computer science students searching for app developing companies to help them develop apps.

…who should we blame, the school or the students for the inability to develop an app?

There are usually several factors leading to this which am not too comfortable discussing here at the moment.

Developing your own app, be it a web app, android, or iOs app, is a very big project that almost everyone I know will consider a tedious job.

Building an app could be very challenging for computer science students especially when it has to do with projects requiring money like paying for server space and many other required materials that are needed to be paid for.

Again, you will have to work long hours staying on the computer, coding and debugging your programs after which you will begin to test run your app of even pay app testers to help make use of the app and help you find out certain errors you’re unable to identify during the development processes.

It requires skillfulness, persistence, and patience to achieve this, solving a problem as a computer scientist, with the use of computer languages (codes).


There are numerous factors that make computer science not a business for the kids. Yet it is worth doing, only a great mind will be able to handle the stresses and discouragement that can be encountered studying computer science or working as a computer scientist.

I can really say for sure that computer science is what learning and practicing, for it is a window through which many applications are built to help make life easy, that one can even use voice commands to operate different devices without much stress.

 If you’re able to relate to my opinions on this post, feel free to drop what’s on your mind in the comment section, and please do remember to share it with other students.

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