Pinterest Unblocked: How Do I Unblock Pinterest On My School Laptop?

How do I unblock a website blocked by the administrator? If you’re trying to access Pinterest on a school laptop and are unable to do so, it’s likely that the website has been blocked by your school’s IT department. However, different schools may have their own reasons for blocking Pinterest on school computers, as well as a number of other social media platforms.

Before we proceed on how you can unblock Pinterest on your personal computer or any other computer, let’s take a look at what Pinterest is known for;

What is Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a social media site where people can find, save, and share pictures and videos about fashion, food, home decor, travel, and many other things. Users can create “boards,” which are essentially collections of pins (images or videos) that are organized around a specific theme or topic. 

Users can browse and search for pins, follow other users and boards, and repin (save) pins to their own boards. Pinterest is often used as a source of inspiration for things like fashion, home decor, and recipes and is also a popular tool for planning events like weddings and parties. You can also use Pinterest to discover new products and services and shop through the platform. 

Additionally, businesses and brands can create pages to promote their products and services and can also use Pinterest to showcase their products and services through visually appealing boards and pins.

How to unblock Pinterest

Here are a few things to try if you want Pinterest unblocked on your Chromebook:

  1. Use a VPN: A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to connect to the internet through a server in another location, which can help you bypass website blocks. There are many free and paid VPN options available, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Hotspot Shield.
  2. Use a Proxy Server: A proxy server is another way to bypass website blocks. It acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet, routing your requests through a different IP address. There are many free proxy servers available online, such as HideMyAss and FilterBypass.
  3. Ask your IT department: If all else fails, you can try reaching out to your school’s IT department and asking if they can unblock Pinterest for you. They may be able to do so or provide you with an explanation as to why it’s blocked.

Alternatively, you can take the steps below to look for restrictions on your school laptop and gain access to the website you want. It is, however, recommended that you check your school’s policy before participating in such activities.

How do I turn off restrictions on my school laptop?

  1. Check for a parental control app: Many school laptops come with parental control apps pre-installed. These apps allow parents or administrators to set restrictions on device usage. Check to see if there is an app like this installed on your device, and if so, try to locate the settings where you can turn off the restrictions.
  2. Check the device’s settings: Look for settings related to content restrictions, web filtering, or website blocking. These settings are often found in the device’s security or management settings.
  3. Check for a group policy: If your school is using a network management tool like Microsoft Group Policy, the IT department may have set up restrictions that apply to all devices on the network. In this case, you will need to contact your IT department and ask them to remove the restrictions.

How can I use Pinterest at school?

If you’re looking for Pinterest ideas for educational settings, the following tips will be of great help.

  1. Create boards for specific subjects or topics: For example, you can create a board for a history project and pin images, articles, and videos related to the topic.
  2. Collaborate with classmates: Create a shared board with classmates and work together to collect resources and inspiration for group projects.
  3. Use Pinterest to find educational resources: There are many teachers and educators on Pinterest who share lesson plans, activities, and quizzes that you can use in your own studies.
  4. Organize your pins: Use labels to organize your pins by subject or topic, so you can easily find what you need when you need it.
  5. Follow educators and schools: Follow educators, schools, and educational organizations on Pinterest to stay up-to-date on new resources and ideas for using Pinterest in the classroom.
  6. Get permission from the school: Remember, schools may have policies on the use of social media, so it’s always best to check with your school’s administration before using Pinterest in an educational setting.
  7. Use Pinterest’s privacy settings to control who can see your pins and boards.
  8. Use Pinterest’s search feature to find specific topics, resources, and inspiration for your projects.


I hope that you’re able to learn how to unblock Pinterest on your PC. If you find this post helpful, do not hesitate to share it with your friends on social media.

But this post is meant to teach, so please keep in mind that schools and other places may have rules and protocols that make it illegal to use VPNs and proxy servers. It is important to follow these rules and not do anything that could go against them.

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