How To Read Without Sleeping – Effective Tips

how to read without sleeping

Reading and getting sleepy or sleeping when trying to read is a very common problem faced by students and non-students, it happens even to the very best scholars we know. This is to say that almost everyone is in the battle to improve or build good reading habits. To some people, you can activate sleep …

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How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting – Trusted Tips

how do top students study

It is always the wish of every student to write and make A’s in WAEC, but unfortunately, many people still fail their WAEC exams. The rate at which people fail their WAEC exams are beginning to give us serious concern and that’s why we are here to share with everyone the most trusted tips on …

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Apply For Fully Funded Azerbaijan Government Scholarship 2022

Azerbaijan Government Scholarship

There is an astonishing news for all those students who are looking for a Fully-Funded Scholarship in Azerbaijan. Applicants are warmly welcomed to apply for the Azerbaijan Government Scholarship 2022. The Scholarship is Fully-Funded for international students. Government of Azerbaijan Scholarship is available to study Undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D Degree program. The “Education Grant Program for …

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Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2022 For Early-Stage Entrepreneurs Up To $1,000,000 USD In Cash Prize

Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge

Cisco is accepting entries from early-stage entrepreneurs around the world for its 2022 Global Problem Solver Challenge. The deadline for submission of entries for the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is 11th February 2022.   Cisco is committed to positively impacting 1 billion people by 2025. As part of their work, they seek to inspire and …

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Fully Funded Mastercard Foundation Postgraduate Scholars Program At The University Of Edinburgh

Mastercard Foundation Postgraduate Scholars Program

Wish to have your postgraduate studies abroad? Apply for the Mastercard Foundation Postgraduate Scholars Program at the University of Edinburgh. The deadline for submission of applications is March 14, 2022. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at The University of Edinburgh believes that all young people, no matter their starting point in life, should have an equal chance to gain a quality education and pursue their aspirations to improve the lives of others. …

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Nigerian Students Poetry Prize (NSPP) 2022 For Nigerian Undergraduates Up To N500,000 Cash Prizes

Nigerian Students Poetry Prize

Entries are invited from Nigerian undergraduates studying in Nigeria and the diaspora for the 2022 edition of the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize (NSPP). The deadline for submission of entries is March 7, 2022. Nigerian Students Poetry Prize (NSPP) is an initiative of Poets in Nigeria (PIN) aimed at stimulating literary creativity and encouraging critical thinking among Nigerian …

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Get $500 Monthly Stipend In The ANF Storify Africa Fellowship 2022 For Young & Emerging African Storytellers

ANF Storify Africa Fellowship

Africa No Filter (ANF) is now accepting applications from young and emerging African storytellers for its 2022 Storify Africa Fellowship. the deadline for the submission of applications for the ANF Storify Africa Fellowship is February 11, 2022. Africa No Filter (ANF) is seeking four female journalists from across the continent to be a part of the …

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Fully Funded Rotary Peace Fellowship Programme 2023-2024 For Leaders Worldwide

Rotary Peace Fellowship Programme

The Rotary Foundation is now accepting applications from dedicated leaders around the world for its 2023-2024 fully-funded fellowships. The deadline for submission of applications for the Rotary Peace Fellowship Programme is 15th May 2022. Each year, Rotary awards up to 130 fully-funded fellowships for dedicated leaders from around the world to study at one of their …

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How To Apply For 2022 – 2023 Commonwealth Split-Site Scholarships


Applications are invited from PhD candidates from low and middle-income countries for the Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships 2022. The deadline for submission of applications is February 17, 2022 Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships are for PhD candidates from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries, to spend up to 12 months at a UK university as part of their doctoral …

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Apply For 2022 Education Fellowship Programs By World Bank Group in Africa

world bank fellowship

World Bank Group (WBG)-Africa Education Fellowship Program is calling for applications from master’s degree holders, Ph.D. candidates, and recent Ph.D. graduates from Sub-Saharan Africa. The deadline for the submission of applications is February 28, 2022.   The World Bank Group (WBG) Education Global Practice and the Africa Chief Economist Office announce the opening of applications for the 2022 …

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100 Best Colleges That Offer Full Rides

Colleges That Offer Full Rides

Which colleges give the most full ride scholarships? You’ve put in a lot of effort throughout high school and have excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities. You’re excited about the difficulties that college will bring your way. But are you up to the task of financing your education? There are numerous options for students …

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35 Best Scholarships In Nigeria To Study Abroad 2023

scholarship for Nigerians

How can I get a scholarship to USA from Nigeria? If you’re looking for scholarships in Nigeria in 2023, you’ll come across a few overseas scholarships for Nigerian students options. According to research, approximately 500 undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students to study abroad, those scholarships are awarded for undergraduates, masters, and doctorate students to pursue …

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List Of 30 Best Online Schools In The World

best online schools

Renowned academic institutions are now competing to provide online-based learning arrangements, which have grown in popularity in recent years. Downsizing of schools, improved virtual learning delivery technology, and, most crucially, the social separation required during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have all contributed to the rise of online high school education.  According to a recent Forbes …

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How To Introduce Yourself In A Class For The First Time

how to introduce yourself in class as a student

Who doesn’t remember the first day of school? Students enter the classroom not knowing how to introduce yourself in class as a student, who will be joining their classes, and instructor for the year. New kids are occupying desks without any introduction about myself sample A huge part of that first day is introducing yourself …

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How To Introduce Yourself During An Interview

introduction for interview

A lot of job seekers always seem to forget that lasting perception are formed in a matter of seconds. You might well be asked to identify yourself numerous times during the interview session. However, with the right to introduce yourself, you should be able to introduce yourself from the front desk or reception area to …

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How Do Top Students Study – 15 Best Study Tips

how do top students study

Being a top student has always been the dream of every student. Having read your book and attended classes you probably must be wondering how those cocky class winners always seem to rise through the ranks with such simplicity? What methods do top students use to study? Or are they simply smarter than everyone else?. …

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10 Best Places To Travel To From Canada

travel to from canada

Canada has so many great travel destinations to check out, that you’ll often find yourself asking where should Canadians go from Canada. There are plenty of wonderful cities to explore in the US, like New York or Vegas. Exploring Mexico is also a popular option for Canadians wanting to get away into warmer weather. If …

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Best Ways To Travel To Canada – The Easy Guide

Best Ways To Travel To Canada

Moving to Canada from the US has always been a long-awaited dream of some people even if they have to travel to Canada by car. Every year, millions of people travel to Canada from the US during covid.  In reality, over 35 million people travel to Canada by land each year to take advantage of …

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Fully Funded Scholarships In Turkey – The Türkiye Scholarships 2022 Application Form

Fully Funded to Study in Turkey

Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded, competitive scholarship program, awarded to outstanding students and researchers to pursue a full-time or short-term program at the top universities in Turkey. Türkiye Scholarships aims to build a network of future leaders committed to strengthening cooperation among countries and mutual understanding among societies. What makes Türkiye Scholarships unique is that …

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The University Of Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

Melbourne university scholarship for international students

Good news! Applications for Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship are currently open. In this article, we wish to inform you that you can pursue your education in Australia for free with the University of Melbourne international scholarship for undergraduate students. Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2022 is a partially funded scholarship for international students. The University of …

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How To Enter The Quora Programming Challenge 2022

Quora Programming Challenge (QPC) is an online programming competition that compares you against other programmers. In addition, it provides rich insight into your coding ability and potential, where you will be awarded according to your performances. If you happen to be the contestant with the most outstanding performance, you will become the winner of the …

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List Of Best Countries To Study Abroad In Europe

countries to study in Europe

If you’ve ever considered studying abroad, even if you’re a Western, you should surely consider a European country. Why? Considering Europe is one of the biggest continents, each country is distinct, rich in heritage, there will always be something new and exciting to discover, no matter where you study. Furthermore, if you pursue a degree …

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