List Of Approved Banks For UK Visa In Nigeria

There is a lot of confusion out there about how much a bank statement is required for the UK visit visa. Mostly because UKVI does not provide legal guidance on bank declarations on the time frame your bank statement should have, how much money you should have, what kinds of transactions are permissible, and so on.

What are Approved Banks? 

A company that deals with banking and currency operations such as savings, mortgages, investment, and trading platforms are known as an ” approved banking institution” (FI). Financial institutions, which include banks, private corporations, insurance agencies, stockbroker firms, and asset dealers, cover a wide range of commercial operations in the financial services sector.

Almost everyone in a developed economy requires the expertise of financial institutions on a regular or at least periodic basis. Because banks and other financial institutions play such an important role in the economy, the UK government believes it is critical to supervise and regulate them, especially concerning international relations and finance. Financial institution failures have a history of causing panic.

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For the UK tourist visa, you should send a half- year’s worth of bank statements detailing your monthly compensation and financial obligations.

Other than your compensation, there should be no large sums of money. Your total reserve money should be roughly two times the cost of your anticipated UK vacation.

After reviewing several UK visa rejection letters from my readers, I’ve discovered that there were some items you should include in your bank statements. Why don’t we take a closer look at these?

There is a lot of confusion out there about how much bank deposit is needed for a UK tourist visa. The main reason for this is that UKVI does not provide enough regulations for bank articulations. On how long of the declaration should you make, how much money should you have, what kinds of swaps are permissible, and so on.

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What significant bank documentation is anticipated?

You should produce one-year bank statements that clearly illustrate your monthly compensation and financial obligations. You should also get your asset documentation in local currency if you have one. Your total investment should be at least two times the cost of your projected UK vacation.

ECOs should check that the applicant for the UK visits visa has sufficient assets to assist and support them throughout their stay in the UK. The bank statement serves as evidence that the applicant has sufficient assets.

The ECOs take into account the total cost of the trip, monthly pay, monthly costs, and other financial obligations such as mortgage loans, children, and so on. They want to see that you are a genuine traveler who will stay within his or her means and not spend all of your savings.

If you don’t have enough money for your vacation to the United Kingdom, I recommend the following.

  • Defer your trip till you’ve saved up enough money. Assuming you plan to travel to the United Kingdom in a year, start putting money down now and you’ll have enough by then.
  • Reduce the length of your trip by focusing on the assets you already have. If you were planning on staying for ten days, cut it down to seven or even five days. Attempt to fit in more places you visit regularly so that you can complete your 10-day itinerary in only five days.
  • Finally, get some help to offset some of your expenses. Keep in mind that funding from family and relatives might be beneficial. Sponsorship from insignificant, faraway family members, friends, people encountered on the internet, colleagues, and so on will not work.

Why do you require a half-year of bank proclamations?

Bank statements aren’t only about the quantity of money you have in your account. They can teach you a lot about your financial and personal situations, and your most current justification should be six months.

List of approved banks for UK visas in Nigeria

  • Access Bank Plc
  • Ecobank Nigeria Plc
  • Fidelity  Bank Plc
  • First Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • First City Monument Bank, Plc
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  • Heritage Bank Limited
  • Keystone Bank Limited
  • Polaris Bank Limited
  • Providus Bank Limited
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
  • Sterling  Bank Plc
  • United Bank for Africa Plc
  • Unity Bank Plc
  • Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • Wema Bank Plc
  • Zenith Bank Plc

Which banks are accepted in the UK?

Any above-listed bank statements are acknowledged by the United Kingdom visa and immigration. All investment funds should be somewhere around two times your proposed UK trip costs

Which bank statement is required for a UK visa? 

The bank articulation ought to be imprinted on the letterhead of the bank and appropriately marked and stamped by the bank officials. The assertion should show the financial balance number, candidate’s location, and different subtleties of the candidate for confirmation reason

How much is the bank balance required for a UK work visa?

You should have somewhere around £1,270 in your financial balance to show you can uphold yourself in the UK. You should have had the cash accessible for something like 28 days straight. Day 28 should be somewhere around 31 days after applying for this visa.

Can I use my Naira card to pay for a UK visa?

In other words, you can never again pay pounds sterling with your Naira Master/Visa Card. A few banks permit installments with Naira, but their breaking point is excessively low and not adequate to pay the said expenses.

How does a UK government office check bank proclamations?

The Embassy doesn’t take a look at bank proclamations in the event of every candidate. It is finished on an irregular premise or in the event of uncertainty. I have seen my situation while going to the UK on an understudy visa.


Annually, UK Visas and Immigration makes thousands of judgments on who has the opportunity to attend or remain in the country, with a strong focus on national defense and a customer-focused culture for those who come here legitimately. All these decisions are mostly made based on bank statements from the approved banks in Nigeria.

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