Is Clothing, Shoes, And Accessory Stores A Good Career Path?

You might be wondering if it’s a wise choice to pursue a career in the apparel, footwear, or accessory industries. The answer is yes! Clothing, shoe, and accessory stores are important to the retail sector because they show customers the latest fashion trends and styles.

Working in a clothes, shoe, or accessory company may not be the first career option that comes to mind when considering a career path, but for those who are fascinated by fashion and assisting others, it can be a lucrative and gratifying career.

What is the clothing and accessories industry?

An industry that concentrates on selling people garments and accessories is a clothing, shoe, and accessory store. It involves the steps of creating the clothing, moving it, and putting it on display for customers to see. The majority of the workforce in this sector works at retail establishments.

Is Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores a Good Career Path?

For those who love fashion and interacting with people, a job in the clothing, shoe, and accessory retail sectors can be a great fit. The retail sector allows employees to keep up with the most recent trends and fashions while also providing job protection and flexible hours. The work can be emotionally taxing, and the money may not be as high sometimes.

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Highest-paying jobs in the clothing industry.

1. Assistant Merchandise Buyers 

Assistant merchandise buyers take care of the goods that a merchandise buyer has purchased. These employees, who are among the highest paid in the clothes, shoe, and accessory retail sector, can earn up to $32,000 a year.

2. Jewelry designer

Jewelry designers create designs for jewelry products. In the industry of clothes, shoe, and accessory stores, this position is highly sought after. One of the highest-paid occupations in the clothes, shoe, and accessory retail sector is jewelry design. They earn around $50,000 annually.

3. Goldsmith

Goldsmiths are involved in numerous tasks. They knead, fill, and cast various materials that are utilized to make jewelry as well as jewelry itself. Goldsmith’s profits greatly from the apparel, shoe, and accessory retail sector. Each year, they can make up to $40,000.

4. General supervisors

General managers have complete authority over all activities inside a retail establishment. They are knowledgeable about every product available in a retail setting and make sure the businesses provide their clients with top-notch service. Every year, general managers can earn up to $70,000.

5. Assistant store manager

As implied by the title, assistant store managers help store managers oversee operations at a retail establishment. They make up one of the best-paid employees in the clothes, shoe, and accessory retail industry, earning around $40,000 per month.

6. Alterations tailor

Professionals that adjust garments are known as alterations tailors or alterations specialists. Alterations tailors can work in a variety of settings within the clothes retail sector. They are among the highest-paid professionals, earning up to $40,000 annually.

7. Clothing Merchandiser

A stocker, also known as a clothing merchandiser, makes sure that clothing is stored and handled correctly. With a salary of about $30,000 per year.

8. Footwear Specialist

Specialty shoe retailers hire footwear employees to help customers choose the appropriate footwear. They work for a department store’s footwear division as well. Each year, footwear associates earn roughly $30,000.

9. Jewelry sales representative

The first persons a customer interacts with while entering a jewelry store are sales staff. They facilitate purchases while helping individuals choose clothing that fits them. Excellent communication skills are necessary for this position. Salespeople in the jewelry industry can earn up to $30,000.

10. Shoe designers 

Shoe designers provide incredible designs for companies who manufacture shoes and other footwear. They can blend a variety of materials, designs, and colors to produce shoes that capture the attention of customers. They earn roughly $85,000 annually.


The garment, shoe, and accessory retail industry is a solid career choice with plenty of opportunities that pay well. This profession, which allows for flexible work schedules, does not even require a college degree. However, you must enroll in specific certificate training if you want to succeed in this sector.

In addition to the qualifications already mentioned, a degree in design technology is another way to show that you know your way around the industry.

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