How To Upgrade WAEC Result For All Year: Top Secrets Others Won’t Like To Tell You

I want to upgrade my WAEC Result, what should I do, is WAEC result upgrade a scam?

It is no longer news that some of the students who write the West African Examination Council exams always fail or have problems with some of their core subjects like; Mathematics, English, Literature, Physics, and Chemistry, etc depending on one’s area of study, department or courses.

These core subjects form part of the subject combinations or required subjects for the course they would love to study in the university.

If you are looking for means how to upgrade your WAEC result, then you seriously need to study this guide effectively.

Who should we blame for the increase in low WAEC scores?

To some who are still asking “is upgrading of result real?” you’re not alone, this post is for you.

It is becoming very difficult for students to read, write exams and pass with flying colors. Some students who fail in some core subjects or all will always go in search of ways for upgrading their WAEC results online.

Every now and then, we keep receiving different questions regarding the best ways to upgrade WAEC results, including adverts on the social media of people claiming to be WAEC officials who place write-ups on how to upgrade 2018 WAEC results, changing F9 to A1, Bs, or any other preferred grade.

Scam Alert! WAEC result upgrade is a scam! Shun it…

Upgrading of WAEC results is not possible, the idea is brought about by some lazy people looking for students to scam money online and their major prey, are people who haven’t read this post on “how to upgrade WAEC result: What others won’t tell you”.

The perpetrators of the WAEC result upgrade scam, will not share or let you know about this post. Continue reading to expose their tactics and remember to share to help others too.

2018 WAEC result upgrading came with different formats online, to the extent that we now see some Facebook sponsored posts on how to upgrade WAEC results online.

Without relevance to the order of listing, I wish to outline some of the steps used by upgrading WAEC result scammers

How To upgrade WAEC Result

Below is an excerpt from a write-up on a social media platform concerning WAEC Result upgrade scam.

Now you can upgrade your WAEC result online, with ease, we work with the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and can upgrade your WAEC result for you, here’s what to do:

  1. Copy out your WAEC Registration Number correctly
  2. Indicate your WAEC examination year and type
  3. Include the name of your WAEC exam center
  4. Indicate subjects you would like to upgrade in your WAEC result
  5. The WAEC result upgrade fee is N25,000

The above involves some of the steps used by these fraudsters to endanger desperate candidates who failed their WAEC exams to lose money into their accounts.

The format didn’t end there, you could also see people commenting on the thread that Mr. This and Mr. That, helped them upgrade theirs equally. Alongside screenshots of clean WAEC results having parallel “As. Remember graphics/photo editors still exist.

Different formats will keep evolving, but the honest truth still remains that upgrading of WAEC Results is not possible, you can’t bribe WAEC to do so and no one who promises such can accomplish it.


Why do students go for WAEC Result upgrade? 

There are so many instances leading to students trying to upgrade their WAEC result which include the following:

  • Lack of seriousness: Some students are not serious with their studies and couldn’t make good scores in their exams.
  • Not ready for schooling: Some people are not ready for schooling but needed a certificate, probably for job employment or promotion at the workplace. This category of persons will want to do anything possible to upgrade their WAEC results.
  • Feeling cheated: I have seen a student complain in an online forum that he is been cheated by WAEC, that what he has wasn’t his scores and he is willing to upgrade his WAEC result if possible.

Here’s what we have to say about being cheated by WAEC:

WAEC is a trusted body, handling examinations across West African countries for many years now, and would not in any way sell out your WAEC score to anyone else or even give you a score below your performances. We believe them to work as they have promised fairness in all their dispensations.

  • Lack of money for fresh WAEC registration: Some students complain of not having money to pay for a new WAEC registration. This type of student will see WAEC Result upgrade as a shortcut to success. You have to rethink if you’re guilty of this.
  • Feeling shy to rewrite WAEC: How do you feel after celebrating and throwing parties across the town for successful exams only to find out that you have failed in some or even all your WAEC subjects? Oh no! It must be a sad feeling, and you have to rewrite it, oh not this time around, it is painful. The most painful part of it is what you’re about doing, “paying for WAEC RESULT UPGRADE”.

Paying for WAEC Result upgrade or collecting money from candidates promising to help them upgrade their scores. Is a serious crime with heavy punishment. You’re hereby advised to stay away from such. WAEC will never collect money from you to upgrade your Result nor do they have agents that do so.

Frequently asked questions about upgrading WAEC Result:

  • Where can I upgrade my WAEC Result? There’s no such place as an office or a legalized location for the upgrading of WAEC Result. Be warned!
  • How much is WAEC Result upgrade fee? Don’t tell me you plan to pay for the Result upgrade. Upgrading of WAEC Result is not legalized, and as such the victim pays according to bargain.
  • How to upgrade my WAEC Result Online: Upgrading of WAEC Result is not possible, you can only study your books very well in order to perform well in exams and make good scores.
  • Is upgrading of Result real? My brothers and sisters, it is not real but fake.
  • Is it legal to upgrade WAEC Results? It is not legal to do so and can never be. It will also interest you to know that it is an offense punishable by law.

If your WAEC Result is bad that you can’t use it to gain admission as a majority of the schools, require a minimum of 5 (five) credit scores to be offered admission, the worst has not happened yet. You should consider going for fresh WAEC registration.

Do not be deceived losing your money into the hands of WAEC fraudsters…

Students who want to score high in WAEC exams, should study hard, answer WAEC past questions and avoid any form of examination malpractices pre, during, and Post WAEC EXAMS.

 Feel free to share your WAEC experiences with us through comments.

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