How To Get 100 In All Exams – Helpful Tips For Students

In today’s helpful tips for students, we are going to look into the possibility of one scoring 100 in all exams, could it be possible to score 100% in all exams including mathematics? Yes, you can.

Oh no! It seems you’re having self-doubt already. Let’s find out the possibilities through this post.

Here’s the brutal truth:

Studying long hours per day or studying a few days or many days before the exam does not equal success, neither does playing with one’s studies guarantee anything.

It will not pay off trying to cheat during an examination or trying to lobby the exam board to upgrade your score after exams so you can get 100% in all tests.

Note: This post is not a guide on how to pass a test you didn’t study for, as we do not how one could score high without studying.

We look forward to having students who could score high grades in their exams and still maintain their educational integrity.

No one would want to fail in an exam, everyone struggles to pass, unfortunately, some still fail, this is never their choice but examinations are probably something we couldn’t determine the outcome of.

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So many students complain of failing a particular subject repeatedly and would always wonder if they can ever get success in their exams. Here’s a special guide on how to manage exam failure and score high in your next exams.

How To Score 100/100 In All Your Test

Getting 100 percent in exams is possible but this is not a thing we could achieve by sitting down and having our arms folded, here are the things to take seriously.

1. Choose the right school and course of study

Our close study of why most students fail indicates that the wrong choice of institution and course is a great contributing factor to students’ failure since there are high possibilities of mismanagement on the side of the school management and lack of passion or interest in the student’s side.

First, know which course is suitable for you and then find out the best school for it, this is a good start to score 100 in all the subjects you offer in the school.

2. Have a focus in the class

Declare a serious war against all sorts of distractions…

Pay good attention in the classroom, especially while teaching in on-going, make notes and make sure you underline important words or cycle places of great emphasis from the teacher.

Carry out all necessary practicals contained in the textbook, if this is what you can handle on your own.

Remember to at least refer back to your notebook at least once a day and twice or more, for subjects you have difficulties with, as many would complain that maths is difficult and seek to know how to get 100 in maths.

3. Use MySchool Gist Formula (best time to study & memorize)

Shun cramming for exams, it ruins:

We believe that students shouldn’t just study to pass in an exam, every student should be able to find out which time of the day works best with their body system in order to know when to read and understand.

Some can easily read and understand in the morning, some in the afternoon, and others at night. This is a thing you have to figure out which time best works for you.

4. Believe in becoming the next student to get 100 marks in all subject

At this point, you have to speak to the inner self that you can do it, that you can get 100 in maths. We decided to use maths as an example because most students dread calculations and often ask “is it possible to get 100% in maths?“.

This step is very important because it is not until you believe it is possible for you to get 100 in all subjects then you will begin to work towards it to achieve that which your mind conceives.

5. Engage yourself with constant practice

Don’t be a lazy student, start practicing immediately you are given work or the time to do so.

Always study, and revise all you have been taught in the classroom, make references to your notebook, it could unveil points you jotted somewhere on the note.

Attempting all the questions that are contained in your practicing materials will help you grade yourself, if there’s anyone you don’t get correctly, you can retry it or ask your teacher to assist you.

As you practice, never skip something you don’t know, spend your time to find possibly, the meaning to everything.

6. Avoid stress as a student

Stress alone can make you perform poorly in your exams, that’s why we always encourage students to focus on their studies and keep other things that are likely to cause them to stress aside while in active studies.

Learn how to manage stress, even when it seems stress is the order of the day in your school. Even if you are looking for how to get good marks in 10th-grade exams, you still need some sleep to get yourself refreshed for the tasks ahead of you.

7. Do not procrastinate

Start studying the first day you are assigned a work:

Once you are given classwork or homework, start doing it immediately, do not waste time or try to leave it for tomorrow. 

One funny thing about procrastination is that it is a gradual killer that plays in the background and takes time to finally kill the procrastinator.

To save yourself from procrastination and ace every test, you have to start seeing now as the best time to do anything and not later.

8. Food to eat before exams

Permit us to attend to the question asked by our reader “what should we eat before the exam?”

When going for an exam, you are to do this with great confidence and shouldn’t feel worse, so make sure, you don’t eat anything that can mess up with your intestine and make you uncomfortable during exams.

Eat only food that is highly compatible with your body system, there are good brain foods that can enhance the performance of your brain. Such foods include:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains

Always make sure you get up on time and have your breakfast before going for an exam, even if you don’t feel like eating at the moment, you might get hungry and feel worse later.

9. Don’t be late for the exam

No matter how habitual you are in lateness, you should endeavor to get to the exam venue in time.

As a serious student, you’re at least expected to know the venue and time for your exams so you won’t be late to exams, and can afford little time to get yourself calmed and revise your books for the last time before the exam starts.

Always see it as an exam you must write and shouldn’t get afraid to even be the first to visit the exam venue. Most students who score 100/100 in all subjects are never late to class and exams, they see it all as part of serious business.

10. Get all the materials needed for your exams ready

We do not want to assume you already know you will be needing the following exam materials depending on your type of exam:

  • A calculator (if allowed)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Erasers
  • Other materials such as fees receipts and photo cards for verification purposes
  • Sharpened  pencils
  • Come along with your driver’s license if you’re driving (just to avoid delay)

Always make sure you have all you need for your test ready, some days or at least a day before the exams, and recheck it once again before leaving for exams.

Do not enter the exam hall with items that are banned by the exam board, usually items like; cell phones and some form of advanced calculators or electronic device of any form.

11. Stay motivated and do your exams without fear

Should you panic because you are sitting for exams? No!

To do well in the exams starts with you having the confidence that you can do it and hopefully score the grades you want.

You have set your goals and are confident enough that you will achieve them.

12. Get outside the box

Do not stop where your teacher did, a popular saying would say that a teacher can only give you 30% and the remaining 70% will be realized by you.

That’s more of the reasons you should research extra information about the subjects and topics contained.


So long as exams exist, we have to get ready to take in and come out as the best, it is obvious that getting 100 in any test straight is possible but requires quality practical approaches as stated in this post.

If you take a close study of this post, you will learn that it presents tips for what to do before a test, so to say that if you want to score 100% in all subjects, you should take note of all these pre-exam preparations in order to get 100/100 in a test.

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