As A Youth How Can I Flee From Youthful Lust?

The phrase “youthful lust” can refer to a variety of things. the desire for wealth the yearning for respect and approval. a desire for power. Not the least of which are feelings of attraction and yearning for another person or persons. 

When it comes to this particular lust, your mind can be inundated with a plethora of immoral dreams, thoughts, and ideas. Being connected to someone is not inherently wrong. However, attraction is frequently deceiving and, more often than not, results in your own lusts and desires controlling your behavior rather than a true love for your Father. 

Sin is the outcome of living thus according to your lusts, which involves permitting impure thoughts and concepts to exist and remain in my heart and mind. Young people’s lust is the deeds of the body that widen the chasm between man and God. 

Here are a few tips to keep you away from your sexual desires.

1. Reborn yourself

This is the very first thing you need to do. If you want to defeat young lust, you must first submit to the Almighty. Simply declaring Jesus Christ to be your personal Lord and Savior is all that is required. After that, you will be living a life of winning.

2. Learn the word.

Your Word illuminates my path and serves as lighting for your feet. If you need to defeat the works of the body, this is your most effective spiritual weapon. To be of assistance, you must constantly be ready.

3. Avoid unreliable companies.

I’ll tell you who you are if you show me your friend. Good manners are corrupted by bad communication. One strategy for overcoming youthful lust is to stop hanging out with bad people and start keeping nice ones. They will only assist you in carrying out the desires of the flesh. You’d better get away from them if you notice them.

4. Refuse to engage in sexual immorality.

Sex before marriage defiles the body, soul, and spirit and is the devil’s work. Any sexual transgression disqualifies a person from God’s presence since it defiles not just the body but also the three-part temple that houses your body, soul, and spirit.

5. Limit your affairs.

Avoid any kind of immoral behavior. If you are not prepared for marriage, do not enter a relationship. Your heart is too valuable to be messed with, therefore don’t let anyone fool with it. Don’t experiment on yourself since your flesh is the sanctuary of the highest God; don’t use it for anything practical.

6. Stay sacred

No one can see God unless they are holy. Because the Lord commands that you be holy because I am holy, holiness must be your way of life. It is not optional.

7. Play CDs with restorative music

Your inner man is highly susceptible to what you hear. Start paying attention to spiritual CDs and tapes to help you keep pace and avoid being disconnected.

8. Observe what you ingest

Your soul and spirit might be affected by what you observe. Watching what you view is necessary. Set your sights and mind on spiritual matters.

9. Distinguish yourself.

To stand out from the crowd is one of the best strategies to defeat young passion. Don’t follow the crowd in engaging in unethical behavior. Disconnect yourself from the group and emerge from it.

10. Exercise self-control.

Taking action that is right, whether or not it is convenient, is the definition of self-discipline. You must practice self-discipline if you want to compete with the best. You are under no obligation to follow others’ lead simply because they do it.

11. Have the guts to refuse anything

It might be difficult for many people to refuse requests. Any suggestion being made that involves sin, my friend, should receive a resounding NO from you. No, I don’t care for a drink. Do you enjoy smoking, NO? Do you want to follow me to the home of my boyfriend, NO? Do you want to go out clubbing tonight? Try this alcohol; you won’t get hurt. Do you realize that you may still be polite while saying no?

12. Steer clear of any bad relationships

Remove yourself from any connections that don’t advance God’s kingdom. Please leave any connection that does not exalt God and don’t look back.

13. Be attentive

Maintaining focus is the last but not the least item on the list. Don’t allow yourself to get diverted in any way. Just be focused and follow your plans.


Finally, if you make sure that your friendship with the Spirit Of God and with His Word, as it is found in the Bible, is continuously increasing, you may always fight and win conflicts like how to avoid young lust and any spiritual battle. You can’t play around with these relationships.

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