How To Find Gordon Food Service Jobs Near Me

Gordon Food Service (GFS), which is based in Wyoming, Michigan, serves the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest of the United States, as well as the whole country of Canada. It also has locations in Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

GFS is ranked as the twenty-second largest privately held company in the US by Forbes Magazine. US Foods and Sysco are its main rivals.

Since 1897, the people who work at Gordon Food Service have made it their job to provide consistent quality, great value, and excellent customer service. 

What started off as a straightforward delivery service for butter and eggs has grown into the biggest privately held, family-run broad line foodservice distributor in North America. The Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and other regions are served by Gordon Food Service’s distribution network.

As well as the Southwest portions of the United States and the entirety of Canada’s coasts. Additionally, the business runs more than 175 Gordon Food Service Store sites across the country that are free to the general public and offer restaurant-quality goods and helpful, pleasant service.


Using a horse-drawn wagon and $300 borrowed from his brother, 23-year-old Dutch immigrant Isaac Van Westenbrugge began delivering butter and eggs in 1897. Ben Gordon joined the business in 1916 and later wed Ruth, the daughter of Van Westenbrugge. 

Ben and his brother Frank changed the company’s name to Gordon Food Service in 1942. Since then, Gordon Food Service has grown to become the largest family-owned food service distributor in North America.

A wide range of food service businesses from restaurants to healthcare, education, and other sectors are served by Gordon Food Service. This business has been in the family’s hands for four generations or more than 100 years. 

Over the past century, the food industry has grown and changed a lot, but its simple commitment to serving customers is still at the heart of its corporate culture. Gordon Food Service will keep looking for new ways to use technology to improve the food service industry, we promise. 

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Most importantly, we’ll continue to pay attention to and absorb knowledge from genuine experts, which is their clients. Gordon Food Service Inc. (GFS) is the largest family-owned restaurant management distributor in the United States. It sends a wide range of food, drinks, and paper products to hospitals, restaurants, hotels, college dorms, and other places. 

GFS sells both products with its own GFS label and products with well-known national brand names. It is mostly sold in a large area that includes the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, southern Ohio, and Indiana, Chicago, and Cleveland. GFS is known as a visionary in the food service industry because it came up with new methods, technologies, and training methods that other companies have since used.

Leadership and Management

Ben and Frank started making plans at this time to hand over the business to the Gordon family’s future successors. Ben took over as the organization’s head in 1965, Paul Gordon was appointed president, and Frank was appointed vice president. Ben Gordon’s younger son John Gordon, who had started working for the business in 1953 as the manager of the Traverse City branch, was named secretary-treasurer.

As a distributor of food for food services with a product range primarily made up of frozen meals, GFS was redefining its business. The demand for a regional distributor of frozen foods in southwest Michigan had benefited the business. 

Grand Rapids operators were compelled to place sporadic little frozen food orders due to a lack of freezer capacity. Many stores struggled to keep enough frozen food on hand to satisfy customer demand since orders had to be carried in from Detroit or Chicago. GFS was in a position to step in and address this demand as well as others. 

The company increased both the size of its sales force and the scope of its product offering, which eventually included food and disposable goods. A new 54,000-square-foot corporate office and warehouse were constructed by GFS in Grand Rapids in 1962.

Over the next ten years, this structure would go through multiple expansions, growing to over 400,000 square feet to become the nation’s largest distribution facility of its sort. In its first year of operation, the warehouse served as the location of GFS’s first annual trade fair, which featured educational seminars and exhibitors showcasing new food items. 

How To Find Gordon Foods Services Jobs In Your Area

Although the Gordon food service hiring process isn’t rigid and can change from time to time, we recommend the following tips for if you’re looking forward to working with the nearest Gordon Food Service.

1. Look for employment in your field.

Nearly 80% of candidates, according to Pew Research Center research, utilized the internet as their main source of job search in 2015. Since that study was released five years ago, that number has probably increased. In either case, it’s obvious that conducting an online search is the most typical method of looking for GFS jobs in your industry.

2. Get ready to submit your résumé.

Making sure your resume is current and tailored for the position you’re applying for qualifies as getting it ready for the application process. First, updating it entails including your most recent training, experience, and abilities. The most current education and experience should be placed first in each section of a chronological resume.

3. Online application and resume submission

You may need to go online and complete an application where you can connect your external papers after completing your CV and cover letter. Don’t copy and paste your resume into the online application. Doing so could cause formatting problems. Instead, thoughtfully respond to each question and tailor your response to the needs of the business.

4. Application monitoring

The hiring managers’ review of resumes and applications might take some time. Give them about two weeks to respond, despite the fact that you might be tempted to get in touch with us right away after applying. This improves your appearance and gives hiring managers time to evaluate each applicant.

Gordon Food Service FAQs

Does Gordon Food Service have an app?

Gordon Now is an app by Gordon Food Service Inc for users to track the delivery status of their orders.

What is the employee discount at Gordon Food Service?

Employees can enjoy up to 10% discounts off products available in Gordon Food Services Stores.

Do you need a membership to get into GFS?

No, Gordon Food Service Store is open to members of the public and does not require any special form of membership to access.

How many Gordon Food Service locations are there?

There are over 170 Gordon Food Service locations in the United States.

What forms of payment does GFS accept?

Gordon Food Service Store accepts checks, cash, and credit cards payment.

Can you return food to Gordon Food Service?

Yes, you can return food to Gordon Food Services if you’re not satisfied. You may also have to return it alongside your proof of purchase. You can read more about GFS return policies here.


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