How To Find Front Desk Jobs Near Me

The hotel, restaurant, or doctor’s office’s front desk staff welcomes guests as their first point of contact. They do important administrative tasks at the front desk, like answering phones, talking to clients, and keeping track of how much the office spends. A receptionist is another name for them.

  • You are responsible for welcoming guests and offering them top-notch customer service. 
  • Make sure the front desk is organized, well-maintained, and fully stocked with all the supplies it requires, such as pens, forms, and paper.
  • Incoming calls and client questions should be answered. 
  • The appropriate department should receive calls, and messages should be deleted.
  • Following receipt, distribute all letters and packages to the appropriate departments.
  • Email tracking, management, and forwarding.
  • Keep track of and order office supplies and equipment.
  • keep documents and data updated.
  • manage the office’s budget.

Skills and qualifications needed for a dental assistance

  • A high school diploma or other equivalent certification is required.
  • A minimum of two years experience in a position that is similar.
  • Good understanding of office administration. 
  • Bookkeeping practices.
  • Outstanding communication skills in both writing and speaking.
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • Excellent proficiency with Microsoft Office.

What does a front desk staff do?

A front desk employee makes certain that customers and visitors have a positive first experience with the company. All phone, email, and verbal communications from external vendors and customers to internal staff are controlled and filtered, and they ensure that the front desk is kept neat.

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What distinguishes a top front desk employee?

Competent front desk representatives have excellent communication skills because of the numerous interactions they have with customers, coworkers, and suppliers. They are also very good at interacting with others, which helps them cooperate and take and give constructive criticism. Soft skills like friendliness and likeability will help them succeed in the job.

Who does a front desk agent deal with?

A front desk representative speaks with customers and visitors to the place daily. Signing for packages and supply orders allows them to communicate with a variety of suppliers and delivery companies. The front desk representative might report to the office manager in a larger company, whereas in a smaller one, it might be the owner.

How should a front desk position be described on a resume?

A company’s customers typically make contact with the front desk staff first. Typical duties listed for a front desk officer on a resume include greeting visitors, accepting deliveries, collecting payments, finishing paperwork, responding to inquiries, and assisting the senior staff.

You can begin your search for front desk jobs in your area with the aid of these simple methods:

1. Check LinkedIn or Hired

For a variety of positions, including front desk work, job listings can be found on websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn. By entering your location and pertinent keywords like “front desk,” “receptionist,” or “administrative assistant” into the search bar, you can look for front desk jobs in your neighborhood.

2. Check business websites 

Visit the websites of businesses that hire people to work the front or reception desk. Many businesses have career pages on their websites where they advertise job openings or list job opportunities.

3. Recruiting agency

Some staffing firms concentrate on office and administrative positions, including front desk positions. To fulfill their front desk staffing requirements, these organizations work with numerous businesses. You could contact a hiring business in your area to inquire about available front desk positions.

4. Tell your network

Tell your friends, family, and acquaintances that you’re looking for a front desk job. They might be able to connect you with someone who does or they might be aware of positions that are open in the field.

5. Attend events related to the field

Visit regional hiring events where employers are looking to fill front desk or administrative positions. You may have the opportunity to do so to speak with recruiters face-to-face, ask them questions, and learn more about employment opportunities.

Remember to keep your resume and cover letter up-to-date, tailor them to each position you apply for, and send your application to companies that have openings that match your qualifications. 

Salary of front desk employee

The pay of a front desk worker can depend on many things, such as the industry, location, level of experience, and size of the company. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for a front desk receptionist as of May 2020 was $15.45, which equates to a salary of about $32,130 annually. Still, depending on the things we’ve talked about, this amount can change from about $20,000 to over $45,000 each year. It’s important to keep in mind that a front desk employee’s job responsibilities, such as making reservations, handling customer complaints, or performing administrative duties, could affect their pay.

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