How To Find BioLife Plasma Services Near Me

A company called Biolife Plasma Services runs plasma donation facilities throughout the United States and Austria. Plasma is gathered from donors by BioLife Plasma Services in a safe environment, which is then utilized to develop therapies that can save the lives of patients with chronic and rare diseases.

It is a corporation that runs plasma donation facilities for profit. For patients with uncommon and chronic disorders, life-saving medicines are developed using the plasma donated by donors. Although Biolife Plasma Services has the goal of improving patients’ lives, it is not a non-profit or an NGO.

Whether you’re looking for the highest paying plasma donation center near me or wondering how much BioLife pays for plasma, you will definitely find this post helpful.

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Many positions are available at Biolife Plasma Services’ centers, including the following:

  • Center Managers: In these roles, it is ensured that rules and policies are followed while also supervising the day-to-day activities of the plasma centers.
  • Medical Staff: These professionals are in charge of selecting donors, gathering plasma, and assuring donor safety. These include doctors, registered nurses, and phlebotomists.
  • Support staff: Technicians in donor centers, front desk personnel, and other support staff members who help with donor intake, screening, and processing make up the donor support staff.
  • Quality and Regulatory managers: These roles are in charge of making sure that the plasma collection facilities abide by laws and that the plasma obtained is safe to use in treatments.
  • Logistics and supply chain managers: These roles coordinate the movement of plasma to processing facilities and make sure that the plasma centers have the appropriate materials and tools.

What is the total number of BioLife locations?

BioLife Plasma Services runs more than 130 plasma donation locations in the United States and Austria at the time of this research. 

However, it is important to know that when a business grows or streamlines its processes, the number of locations could fluctuate over time.

What company owns BioLife?

The global biopharmaceutical firm with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd is the parent company of BioLife Plasma Services. In 2011, Takeda purchased BioLife Plasma Services.

Can I go to different BioLife locations?

Sure, you can donate plasma at any BioLife site. Donors are normally free to donate at any of the many locations that BioLife Plasma Services has available throughout the United States. Before making your donation, it’s a good idea to check with the individual place you plan to visit because each location may have different operating hours and donation policies. It’s also interesting to check to see if there are any more current incentives that could help you because other locations may have different pay rates or promotional offers.

What can I provide to BioLife to earn money?

You can donate plasma to BioLife Plasma Services to earn money. The blood’s plasma, a yellowish liquid component, is where antibodies and other crucial proteins are found. Plasma is obtained from approved donors and used by BioLife Plasma Services to create treatments that can save the lives of people with uncommon diseases and conditions.

You must fulfill certain requirements, such as the following, to be eligible to donate plasma at BioLife:

  • Being in the age range of 18 to 69
  • At least 110 pounds in weight (50 kg)
  • Having a legal photo ID
  • Passing a health history review and medical examination.
  • Meeting further requirements for eligibility as established by BioLife Plasma Services
  • You are permitted to give plasma up to twice a week if you meet the requirements.

At least one day should pass between donations. Depending on the region and any special incentives, BioLife pays donors for their time and work with payouts that normally range from $200 to $500 per gift.

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Take these steps to locate a BioLife plasma service near you:

  1. Visit to access the BioLife Plasma Services webpage.
  2. At the top right-hand corner of the website, click “locations” to find your nearest BioLife plasma donation center or tap on this direct link
  3. On the search box that appears on the page, enter the zip code or state name to search.
  4. Alternatively, you can scroll down to the bottom part of the page to see a list of BioLife center locations and tap on the one nearest to you.
  5. For more information, including their specific donation policies and any running specials, click on the place you are interested in.
  6. To discover a donation center close to you, you may also contact BioLife’s customer service number at 1800-722-7559 (toll free) or make use of their contact form at
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