How To Find Art Jobs Near Me

If you have a keen sense of creativity, think about working in the arts. You can select a position in the art sector that best suits your interests and skills because there are many positions available in many niches. Finding these positions can be easy if you know where to look.

In the US, there are about 2.5 million artists with official jobs who work in galleries, gaming studios, private studios, art centers, and other businesses that need creative professionals. There are many options for artists because they can use their skills in painting, graphic design, illustration, and many other sectors.

An art profession cannot be launched overnight since it takes strategy, dedication, and hard work. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies to succeed, just like in any other line of work:

Boost your abilities, network, and look for chances in the open market. In this post, we’ll go over the steps to finding art jobs near me.

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In the US, artists make $55,537 on average, although their pay varies widely according to their education, experience, talents, and certifications. While beginning artists might expect to make $39,541 per year, more seasoned ones can get hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single picture. We’ll give you some great advice on how to land a job as an artist and begin a lucrative career down below.

Ways to find art jobs near me

1. Perfect your skills

Finding your first work as an artist can take some time, especially if you don’t yet have the requisite skills. Although it’s wonderful that you have artistic talent and can manipulate color and shape, these qualities are typically insufficient. To begin a career in art, choose a discipline and hone your abilities. 

As most artists are self-taught, there are numerous alternatives to earning a college degree. everyday practice on your own. Make plans, tidy up your workspace, and watch out for distractions.

Learn both offline and online. They could be one-on-one or group lessons talks at nearby universities or online courses.

2. Make a powerful cover letter and resume

Are you interested in finding employment as an artist? The creation of an artist’s résumé is among the most crucial procedures. You should familiarize yourself with its organization and layout beforehand because it calls for different material and formatting than a typical resume. Artists can incorporate the following areas in addition to conventional ones like education and experience:

  • Bibliography: It includes interviews and articles regarding your works. Exhibitions. a list of the names, locations, and dates of the exhibitions in which you took part. If necessary, divide this part into invitational, solo, and group performances.
  • Publications/shows: Describe your productions and performances if you are a performing artist.
  • Collections: Request permission to include the piece in a resume if the owner of the art is a private individual.

Together with your CV, you should provide a cover letter that highlights your qualifications for the position. Learn how to write a cover letter for an artist by studying a sample that works, and you’ll improve your chances of getting the job.

3. Elaborate on your portfolio.

In addition to a résumé and cover letter, a portfolio is important. It is a compilation of documents that demonstrate your knowledge, education, and experience. A portfolio gives potential employers the ability to decide if you are qualified for the position. 

You can do this by creating a website where you can showcase your greatest work, a folder with printed examples, or a social media profile. We advise adjusting your portfolio to the chosen organization as well as the desired niche. As a result, you’ll be able to display works that appeal to companies and effectively showcase your skills.

4. Be prepared to move

Even though this advice might not be relevant to finding painting work, it is nevertheless very important. It’s imperative to be prepared to relocate to another city or even country if you intend to operate from an office. Art studios and businesses are typically found in cities that are rapidly developing, such as Los Angeles, Beijing, and London. In a tiny town with 5,000 residents, it will be difficult to discover an intriguing career opportunity. Be willing to relocate if you want to boost your chances of getting employed. Who knows, you might enjoy traveling and changing locations.

5. Appreciate your value

Knowing your worth is essential before beginning a job search. Experience and skill are major determinants of salary. To comprehend the work market and the typical salary of professionals with a background similar to your own, you should look into openings in the neighborhood.

The studio’s or business’s location is another crucial consideration. If you intend to relocate for a job, think about the local cost of living and find out if any relocation assistance is provided.

6. Use ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, or Indeed job search 

Even while LinkedIn job searches will continue to be the most popular in 2023, you do have other options. Other methods for conducting your job search are as follows: Ask your local recruiters to help you find a job by adding them to glassdoor, indeed, ZipRecruiter, and hired. Ask members of your professional network if their organization is hiring for your position.

7. Research prospective employers

Prepare for your interview if the test task you submitted was accepted. Here, you need to demonstrate that you understand and support the company’s mission and goals using your interpersonal and communication abilities. You must emphasize your ability to successfully integrate into the team as an integral member.

You should do your homework and read up on the studio to accomplish that. Play a handful of the games it creates. Read a few of the books’ illustrations if they create them. The fact that you are aware of their objectives and value their opinions will impress potential employers.


Being an artist is both fulfilling and demanding. This professional path may provide a wide range of opportunities full of delight and imagination. Only putting your time and effort into the procedure is necessary. Now that you are aware of the fundamental prerequisites, you can identify like-minded individuals and apply for jobs as an artist. You will succeed if you follow our advice.

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