How To Be A Professional Sleeper

Do you know you can earn a living doing what you love? Sleeping! Yes, you can. And no, this isn’t one of those weird dreams where it looks like some absurd thing is possible. This is a reality, and you do not have to sit and daydream about the comfort of your bedroom or bed, you can lay down on it and hit “zzz” mode while you make money. 

In this article, you’ll get all the information you need about this stress-free job, including what it entails and what it pays. 

Who is a professional sleeper?

A professional sleeper is someone who gets paid to give feedback to companies on sleep-related products. They work with manufacturers, medical professionals, and scientists. And then give them feedback on their experience using their products. 

What is the actual job of a professional sleeper? 

  • The duties of a professional sleeper are to test things like pillows, mattresses, and bedding and write a vivid report about the experience of their products.  
  • It could be to test sleeping pills, they become research subjects and they report to these medical professionals how their product affects the body. 
  • They also sleep in various conditions and then report their sleeping experience. Manufacturers will then use their reports to improve their products or use them to market those products. 
  • Working as an exhibitionist sleeper, the artist displays his work on the bodies of people. This professional sleeper is needed for this living art exhibition. 

How to be a professional sleeper.

1. Do research on this profession

It is best if you dedicate time and do thorough research on this field of work. Find out the working hours and conditions, the salary, and the qualifications and skills required. 

2. Consider the salary range 

Because the duties of a professional sleeper differ from those of others, the salary varies. Each tester will be engaged for specific projects, so the prices differ. The average annual salary for a professional sleeper in the US is $55,122.

3. Know your specialty

Know that as a professional sleeper, you can provide your services to lots of brands, including hospitals, businesses, and scientific research fields. which means you will often change from one to the other. If you do not want your gig to change from testing mattresses to being a research subject in a lab, You should narrow down your niche and stick to one area. 

Professional Sleeper Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you decide whether to pursue this career path, you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of being a professional sleeper.

  1. Being away from friends and family for a long period.
  2. Adjusting your lifestyle may include you stop drinking caffeine or alcohol. And you might also have to stop eating particular meals during research. 
  3. Spending lots of time indoors
  4. Waiting for months to be able to take a path in another testing. 

The Advantages of being a professional sleeper

  1. You will be getting paid to sleep
  2. You get to learn about your sleeping patterns and know if you have sleeping disorders too. 
  3. You get treated for any problems you have that are detected in the study. 
  4. You spend a lot of your time in luxurious hotels and homes. 

Meet the Requirements and conditions.

  • The major important requirement to note is your age, you must be 18 years old to be a professional sleeper. 
  • Be in good health. Most times some medical professionals may require someone who has insomnia. 
  • Have a flexible work schedule.

How to get a sleeper job

This part will be difficult, but it’s best if you’re looking for jobs online, specifically in:

  • Hotels
  • Bed and mattress manufacturers
  • Sleep clinics and institutes.
  • Online job boards
  • Medical research centers

Develop your career

Make yourself known as a professional sleeper to many companies, clinics, and scientific research centers. This will help you get referred to new potential employees who are on the lookout for professional sleepers. 

FAQs on how to be a professional sleeper.

Can sleeping be a career choice? 

You can get paid to sleep for companies that need sleep reviews for products and bedding, or for a company that needs reviews on those sleep aids. 

How much do you get paid to be a professional sleeper?

The average annual salary for a professional sleeper in the US is $60,423. 

The working hours and conditions of being a professional sleeper?

You should have a flexible work schedule, as the work may arise at any time of the day. But of course, it’s not a 9-to-5 job. 

Should you still have other jobs?

Yes, you can still work other jobs, but be aware of the time commitment required to be active for the sleeping job. 

Qualifications and skills to be a professional sleeper?

  • First, you will have to be 18 years of age to be a professional sleeper.
  • Have great communication skills 
  • Have a flexible schedule 
  • You just have to be in good health to ensure your reviews are correct.
  • You must have great observation skills. 


It is indeed a stress-free dream job to be a professional sleeper. All you do is sleep and get paid. If you do not want to be caught dozing off on the desk at work by your boss, this job is right for you. If you enjoy sleeping, why not choose this profession to earn a living while at it? 

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