Canada Student Visa – How To Apply For Student Visa As An International Student To Study In Canada

In our today’s episode of Canada student visa news, we are going to take a close look at the Canada student visa processing time, requirements 2022 which includes the minimum bank balance for Canada student visa, and easy steps on how to apply for visa as a student to study in Canada.

If Canada is your dream country for study abroad program, you would need to obtain a Canadian study permit before you would be able to enter Canada. However, this is not necessarily applicable to candidates whose course of study isn’t up to 6 months duration. Nevertheless, it is mostly recommended that you process and obtain your Canada study permit before moving to Canada.

Even if your Canada study permit expires during the course of your stay,  you can easily renew it at a considerable amount. This is the flexibility you will enjoy from having a study permit. With your Canada study permit, you can work for your accredited institution or even be permitted to work off-campus at firms most related to your field of studies as an intern, even if you decide to stay back in Canada after your studies, it would help you easily apply for permanent residency in Canada. These and more, are the benefits of Canada study permit.

How can I get student Visa for Canada? – Step by step student visa application process online.

Although you can apply for Canada student visa via paper works, but we’re more concerned with a no time-consuming process which is to apply online. Candidates who want their student visa processed fast would always go for the online application type.

  • Obtain a letter of acceptance from an accredited school in Canada
  • Visit the CIC website to obtain Canadian student visa application package.
  • Fill in your boi-data correctly to ascertain your eligibility.
  • If you’re eligible, you will be directed to a page containing your personal checklist code, detailed application guide, list of important documents needed, and estimated school fees. Make a printout of the page and also have a soft copy.
  • Create a MYCIC account when you are ready to apply (i.e when all the specified documents in step 4 are available). You may need a printer/scanner for this stage of application.
  • Finally submit your application if everything is correct and your payment is fully processed.

Sit right back and wait to be invited to the visa office in your country of residence for an interview.

Required documents for Canada students visa application

The documents required for Canada student Visa application depend on the country’s location and a number of other factors but generally, the following documents may be requested from you during visa application.

  • Letter of acceptance from a school in Canada.
  • Statement of bank balance.
  • Credit/debit card for online visa fee payment.
  • Soft copies of required documents

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FAQS about Canada student visa application

We would try to answer most of the commonly asked questions about Canadian study permit here. If your question is not answered in this section, kindly make use of the comment box at the end of this post to ask your questions as we would be happy to assist you for free.

Does Canada give student visa easily?

Here is how easy or hard Canada student visa is. According to IRRC, about 30% of Canadian study permit applicants are refused.

How much does it cost to go Canada in student visa?

Student visa and application fees can cost around $120 when applying for student visa. The tuition fees depend on the university of choice, course of study, and probably country of origin.

Why Canada visa gets rejected?

There are several reasons why your Canada student visa may be rejected, such reasons include; supply of unverifiable information, health risk, criminal record, inadequate proof of financial resources, and security factors, etc.

How much student can earn in Canada?

Students who work and study in Canada can earn anything around CA $8 to CA $10 per hour.


When you apply to study in Canada as an international student, want to extend your study permit or find out about working while you study or after you graduate, always note that Canada study permit might be more difficult than you already have heard, but if you put the right things in place and apply rightly you will increase your chances of getting approval from the Canadian Government.

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