How Tall Is Trippie Redd 2023?

Are you looking for the most updated information about Trippie Redd’s height and weight? Then search no further because we’ve provided you with the most recent and accurate information about his height and popularity.

Trippie Redd, born Michael Lamar White IV, is an American rapper and singer from Ohio. As of 2023, Trippie Redd is reported to be 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 63 kg.

Why is Trippie Redd so popular?

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Trippie Redd first gained attention in 2017 with his debut single “Love Scars,” which quickly went viral on SoundCloud. Since then, he has released multiple successful albums and mixtapes, including “A Love Letter to You,” “A Love Letter to You 2,” and “!.” He has also collaborated with many other artists in hip-hop and R&B scenes, such as Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Juice WRLD.

Trippie Redd’s music is characterized by its blend of emo-trap, hip-hop, and R&B, and is known for its introspective lyrics and emotive delivery. He has a dedicated fanbase who appreciate his unique style and energy.

In addition to his music career, Trippie Redd is also known for his tattoos and colorful hair. His tattoos include various portraits of himself, cartoon characters, and lettering, and his hair is often dyed in bright colors such as pink, purple, and blue.


Trippie Redd is an American rapper and singer known for his unique style and energy in his music. He has a large fanbase and has released multiple successful albums and mixtapes in a short time, Trippie Redd is someone to keep an eye on in the future of the music industry.

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