How Much Does Disneyland Make A Day?

How much revenue does Disneyland make a day? The Walt Disney Company operates the theme park Disneyland for entertainment and recreation. Since it was opened, it has received 757 million more visits than any other theme park in the world. 

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to run Disneyland? It costs around $2.5 million to run and maintain Disneyland for a day, including how much they spend on fireworks. And an average of $11.9 million in revenue is made at Disneyland per day. The daily profit after expenses amounts to $9.4 million. 

Additionally, the number of visitors, ticket prices, and events can affect Disneyland’s daily earnings, but that won’t be extremely below the figures above. 

What is Disneyland? 

“The happiest place on earth” is Disneyland’s slogan. It is a theme park in Anaheim, California, U.S., 64 years ago, on July 17, 1955. The Walt Disney Company opened its first theme park there. 

Disneyland Park is an amusement park with rides, shows, and characters based on Walt Disney. The Disney Company works in the hopes that it will be a happy place and an inspiration for people all around the world. 

How does Disneyland make money?

The incredible amount of money that Disneyland makes goes into helping the park function well and run all the time for fans far, wide, and near. Below is how Disney makes its money. 

1. Ticket prices:

 Magic kingdom sees roughly 50,000 visitors. Their day tickets typically cost around $100, Park tickets for a single day now cost more than $120 

2. Entertainment and character intersect: 

Through the introduction of character meet and greets, the parks are making money. Parents and children are drawn to this in order to meet the actual figures. The company has made $5.8 billion from Mickey Mouse & Friends, and then there’s Iron Man.

 Iron Man has made the company $409 million and Jessica Rabbit $1 billion. Next is Anna and Elsa who has made over $1.5 billion, and the list goes on. 

3. Resorts:  

Although many visitors stay off-site at Disney. They also generate respectable amounts from visitors staying in those resorts. This may go over $3,000 per night, which potentially brings in millions of dollars for Disney every year. 

4. Dining 

Although Disney pays for costs like food supplies and employee wages, they significantly raise prices at their restaurants. Roughly, they spend $1.5 million a day on meals in a single park with average attendance.

5. Media and entertainment industry

Disney makes enormous sums of money through the media and entertainment industries. It’s largely from streaming services like Disney+, ESPN, and Hulu. Through content sales, direct-to-consumer sales, and linear networks

10 Highest paying jobs available in Disneyland and their annual salaries. 

If you’ve been wondering “how much does Disneyland employees make?” take a look at the following job positions at Disneyland and learn about their average salaries.

1. Area manager ( $92,742- $124, 410) 

The area manager is in charge of influencing, directing, and inspiring stage managers for a park operation department.  You will be in charge of making sure that paid staff are led and developed in ways that promote an effective and safe operation.

2. Hotels food and beverage utility person ( $27,000- $38,000) 

Their duties include busing tables, bringing meals to guests, throwing out the trash, and keeping all the restaurant’s spaces clean. must be 18 years of age. 

3. Vacation Club guide ($51,000-$6,000)

A vacation club guide has to give families sales and information that influence their purchasing decisions. If you can sell in a good manner and connect with people quickly and easily, This job is right for you. 

4. Food beverage stewards ($29,000 – $41,000) 

Stewards clean all culinary tools, materials, and equipment as well as all dishes, glasses, and other items needed to serve the guest. The kitchen spaces, buffet stations, and visitor’s areas are all under the control of the food and beverage stewards. 

5. Operations Manager ( $134,972- $181,060) 

In an entertainment operations area, manage cast members. You will oversee the management and provision of the cosmetology, entertainment, and operations costumes for the Disneyland Resort. 

6. Gardener($35,000, $47,000)

Gardeners are in charge of performing work safely and effectively while providing ongoing landscape upkeep for the Disneyland Resort facilities. 

7. Lifeguards ($31,000, $43,000)

Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of visitors by offering guidance, help, and information requested by the guests; they also respond to emergencies and enforce the policies and guidelines of the recreational areas. 

8. Product investing Manager ($32,375- $46, 357) 

Their responsibility includes educating and empowering the cast to achieve performance goals, recruitment, and professional development of cruise product inventory. They will promote innovative solutions to business needs. 

9. Front desk night auditor ($29,000, $39,000) 

A night auditor at the front desk must help guests fill out registration forms, confirm the guest’s method of payment, and then follow credit-checking procedures. 

10. Seamstress fitter($33,000 – $34,754) 

A seamstress assists the entertainment division. They make changes to the entertainment and resort business and help make new costumes for characters, parades, and special events as needed. 

FAQs about Disneyland

How old do you have to be to work at Disney?  

To work at Disney, you must be at least 17 years of age. Although the legal age of employment required by Disney is 18, People under 18 who are in an underground degree program are the only ones they hire. 

The required age is 18 for employees working at Disney stores, Disney park resorts, Disney media networks, Disney studios, and Disney interactive media and games. 

How much do employees at Disney make?

The average annual salary for “cast members” at Disneyland is $832,208. They can, however, earn between $24,000 and $44,000 in theme parks. 

The average salary Disneyland pays its employees is as low as $65,530 or as high as $87,726. Salary levels differ depending on location, job, and the employee’s unique abilities and education. 

How much does Disneyland make a day in parking lots?  

The parking lots at Disneyland bring in a fortune for the parks. The parking garage would still bring in more than $35 million a year. Even if just half of the slots were occupied. 

How do I submit a job application to Disneyland?

Disneyland seeks competent people to fill slots across the resort. View available positions, send your resume and learn more about them. 


As U.S. inflation reached historic highs over the past year, Disney increased the cost of hotel accommodations, meals, and retail. Several park amenities that were previously free are now much more expensive.

It’s nearly impossible to halt the constant flow of funds into Disneyland’s bank account. Together, Disneyland and Disney World generate nearly $12 billion in revenue each year from ticket sales, food sales, and merchandise. 

The majority of that income is generated from visitor purchases of food, drinks, products, and other experiences like tours or events. Disney World doesn’t make its sales or number of visitors public, but estimates put the total at about $20.86 billion per year. 

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