How Many Jobs Are Available In Package Goods/Cosmetics?

With the advancement of society, people are becoming more and more interested in how they look. Because of this, the packaged goods and beauty industries have grown quickly in the last few years. But have you ever thought about how many jobs are available in these industries?

According to the most recent statistics, 1.4 million people are employed by the package goods and cosmetics industries combined. There are so many jobs, and it is anticipated that the number will only rise in the coming years.

If you have the necessary education and experience, you can find work in a variety of fields in this industry, including manufacturing, product research, sales, and marketing.

What Are Packaged Goods/Cosmetics?

Packaged goods can be sold quickly and affordably to consumers. There are many different businesses that sell packaged goods. These packages are available for sale in a variety of places. Things like clothing, toys, and consumables are kept in boxes, whereas cosmetics are applied to the body to enhance appearance.

How many jobs are available in the package goods/cosmetics industry?

Due to the large number of businesses that sell goods in every city, there are many options. There are many jobs available in this sector because it requires workers to package the products that are manufactured. Numerous lucrative jobs are available in the packaged goods sector.

Highest paying jobs in packaged goods/cosmetics

1. Cosmetic chemist

You will be responsible for developing new cosmetic products and testing them as a cosmetic chemist. It will be your responsibility to ensure that these products are safe for consumers to use and that they adhere to all legal requirements. There is a range of median annual salaries from $130,380 to $356,999.

2. Product Development Manager

A product development manager’s annual salary typically ranges from $114,468 to $152,397 in the packaged goods/cosmetics industry. But for managers with significant experience and a track record of success, that number might even be higher.

3. Dermatologists

In the packaged goods and cosmetics industry, it is the position with the highest pay. They frequently identify and treat skin problems while working in posh department stores or spas. Your expected annual salary is $313,100.

4. Packaging Development

As a packaging developer, it will be your responsibility to develop and create product packaging. This can range from production and quality control to packaging design and development. From $62,190 to $76,730 is the range for the yearly salary.

5. Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, you will be in charge of marketing and promoting products online. This can involve everything from developing and implementing marketing plans to creating and managing social media profiles. You could expect to make a median salary of between $103,757 and $135,919 annually.

6. Brand Developer

As a brand developer, it will be your responsibility to design and develop brands. This could include everything from product development and marketing to brand strategy and consumer research.

In general, salaries range from $62,139 to $75,237.

7. Sales manager

You will be in charge of motivating and managing a team of sales representatives who will sell the packaged goods and cosmetics that your company makes. $105,177 to $144,612 is what people make annually.

8. Global Innovation Director:

For you to be considered for the position of global innovation director, you must be a leader and creative. The management of the company’s R&D personnel is the primary duty of this position. Consequently, the average pay is $119,111 per year.

9. AVP Marketing

In the packaged goods and cosmetics sector, ARV Marketing is the position with the second-highest pay. If you apply for this job, you will be in charge of managing all marketing activities, such as managing all marketing campaigns, managing the company’s product, and managing consumer advertising. This position pays an average of $183,505.

10. Business analytics managers

These experts work with data analysts and marketing professionals to ensure that campaign goals are met and that analytics for digital marketing are successfully utilized. Business analytics managers need to be well-versed in statistical methods and data analysis. The packaged goods industry pays an average of $89,393 per year.

Why should you work in the cosmetics and packaged products industry?

The packaged goods and cosmetics sector offers a wide range of job opportunities for people with different skills and interests. From production and operations to sales and marketing, this sector has many of the highest-paying job opportunities.

What are the lucrative positions in the cosmetics and packaged products sector?

In the packaged goods and cosmetics sectors, dermatologists are among the highest-paid professionals. They receive $363,500 in annual pay on average.

Why is product packaging so important for a health and beauty business?

Given that prospective customers first notice product packaging, it is crucial for a business. Making a good first impression is crucial, so use attractive and professional packaging. A customer’s decision to purchase a product can also be influenced by the packaging.


There are many job opportunities in the field of goods and cosmetic packaging. Even though your pay may not be very high, if you work for a reputable company, you will discover that salaries there are higher. Keep in mind the qualifications and skills you need for the position when searching for employment.

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