How Can I Study Abroad Without Money?

Is there a way to study abroad for free?

The more quality education one receives the better improvements one will have. Over the years till date, many people seek abroad studies, getting to known colleges of education to further their studies.

Studying abroad we all know has financial constraints, it is affordable only to those who have the finance and are ready to spend it. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to study abroad has the finance and whatever it takes to become an international student.

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Ever asked yourself this question “Can I study if I have no money?”, “How can I study abroad when broke?”, “How can I study in Canada for free?” These and more are common questions asked by study abroad prospects who are looking for which country has free education.

However, as commonly seen online, most people provide tips for only how to study abroad at a low-cost university, but in this guide, you will learn important tips to study abroad without money.

Study abroad for free 2022

1. Sponsorship to study abroad:

A great way to study abroad without money is to obtain sponsorship from relatives. If you are lucky to have someone who can undertake your total cost of studying abroad, then it becomes possible for you to fulfill your dreams by studying abroad without money.

Here’s a little tip on how to get sponsored to study abroad, declare your intention and course of study, show how serious you are and that you will never disappoint, approach a family member or friend who can help, and then see what’s next.

2. Scholarship to study abroad

Not all scholarships are 100%, in this case, you’re looking for how to study abroad without money. So, I assume you don’t have anything left in the bank but you are willing to study abroad.

If you are interested in how to get a scholarship to study abroad without money, simply pay attention to fully funded scholarship news. This is achievable by following educational and scholarship blogs like ours.

3. Students Loan

When you want to study abroad but have no money on you, one of the best options is to apply for a student loan online or in a physical bank near you.

If your loan is approved, you can use it to fund your studies abroad and engage in a few student jobs online or in a place near you if your school curriculum allows that. From then, you will be able to repay your student loan and clear debts.

Final words:

Whether you want to study in Germany for free, in the US, Canada, or any other foreign country of your choice, I believe I have been able to share with you great insight on how to study abroad when you have got no money on you.

Although scholarship eligibility, criteria for access into tuition-free universities, and loan eligibility can be the problem when you don’t have sponsorship from a family member, following the necessary steps as mentioned above, will help you realize incredible achievements in the end.


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