High-Paying Jobs For 13-Year-Olds In 2023

What is the best job to get at 13?

For 13-year-olds, there are many jobs available at home and in their neighborhood that can help them develop practical skills and earn a little money. Before starting the job search, it’s important to know where to look for connections because the majority of these positions call for some level of community involvement.

Are you still wondering how can a 13 year old make money or what jobs can a 13 year old get? In this article, we discuss some justifications for why 13-year-olds who are interested in working should do so, as well as a list of 13 fantastic job opportunities.

Great jobs for 13-year-olds listed

So, I wasn’t the only one who did this at my 13 “after school jobs for 13 year-olds that pay near me“. If you are like me, consider one of these 13 fantastic part-time jobs for young teenagers that will enable them to develop their skill set and earn money if you have a 13-year-old at home who is looking for a way to make money:

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1. First-time nanny

For 13-year-olds, babysitting is an excellent job. Your 13-year-old can look after any young children you have at home while you’re gone if you have any. It’s also possible for your teen to work as a nanny for friends’ or neighbors’ kids. Communication, patience, and decision-making skills are all strengthened in this job.

2. Landscaper or gardener

If your 13-year-old enjoys being outside, hiring him or her to mow the lawn or tend the garden is a great choice. Have your teen cut your lawn, and then promote the service around the neighborhood to attract more customers. In addition to developing soft skills like negotiation and time management, this job also requires the ability to operate heavy machinery.

3. A dog walker

13-year-olds who want to work should consider dog walking. They can work this job all year long by walking neighborhood dogs after school and in the summer during the middle of the day when the owners are at the office. Teenagers who enjoy working with animals should consider becoming dog walkers. It helps you develop traits like management and patience.

4. Pet or home sitter

Teenagers who are introverted have many excellent job options, including house and pet sitting. House sitters and pet sitters typically look after the client’s home and/or pets while the client is away from town. Although they can provide their services year-round, 13-year-olds should do this in the summer. This work develops both hard and soft skills, such as time management and pet or plant maintenance.

5. Tutor

A great job for 13-year-olds who are interested in academics is tutoring. Many parents want their late-elementary or middle school students to receive individual tutoring support, so there’s usually a high demand for this type of work. Your 13-year-old can promote their services at nearby schools or via neighborhood associations. Many different skills, including patience, communication, and time management, are developed in this position.

6. Car Wash

Car washing is a great career choice for preteens and is another enjoyable job for a 13-year-old who enjoys being outside. Your teen could open a car-washing business in a busy neighborhood or go to the homes of regular customers. Additionally, they could clean the insides of cars if they have access to a vacuum. The fact that this job frequently necessitates developing a client list makes it ideal for a 13-year-old with an entrepreneurial spirit.

7. Junior camp counselor

When former campers are too young to serve as full counselors, many camps hire them as junior counselors. This system is advantageous because it benefits both the camp and the counselors by giving the junior counselor a chance to learn about camp counseling and assist the full-counselors, as well as by giving the camp extra assistance and a built-in training program for their counselors. Working here fosters abilities like resilience, creativity, and communication.

8. Delivering newspapers

Your 13-year-old might think about getting a job delivering newspapers if they want to work but have a busy schedule. While your teen will need to get up early for this job, the afternoons and evenings can be used for other activities because of the job’s set schedule. Organizational and time-management skills are developed through this work.

9. Model or an actor

One of the few jobs available to 13-year-olds that does not require community service is working as an actor or model. Young teenagers who are interested in this field should do some research and put some effort into it because it can be very rewarding and financially rewarding. Acting and modeling help students develop abilities like organization, resilience, and negotiation.

10. Technology expert

Working as a community tech guru can be a great career choice for 13-year-olds who enjoy and are knowledgeable about the newest technologies. Your teen can assist customers with purchasing new phones or computers, updating software, or setting up new hardware. In-demand abilities like communication and technological knowledge are developed in this position.


Children under 16 cannot work for a company that is not solely owned and run by their parents or “persons standing in place of their parents,” unless the company is involved in manufacturing, mining, or a dangerous line of work that is illegal. For the benefit of the entire family, let your 13-year-old work for you, for a relative, or in the neighborhood.

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