Gmail Password Recovery Tips Every Student Should Know

Do not get locked out of your account. If already you’re, we understand the frustration you’re passing through, and here’s a  special post on how to recover your Google account again with ease.

We all know the importance of having email addresses, sending emails to friends, family, and loved ones, and in most cases sending our cover letters to different organizations for one application or the other.

There are several cases of students who visit my office to reset their Gmail password, they will walk up to me saying “sir please I can’t access my Gmail again, it seemed someone has hacked my mail, or I might have forgotten my password“.

This is often a forgot password issue… no one probably hacked your Gmail, you must have forgotten your password and will need to do account recovery.

The world is advancing in technology and other walks of life with a great speed almost close to that of light. The use of the Gmail Android app is no longer new to many students as many of them use their email addresses in signing up for their school admission.

I solely want to concentrate on Gmail users in this article, I am also aware that other email service providers exist, but from my experiences with students in the country, I can draw the conclusion that the number of Gmail users is on the high side for reasons I wouldn’t mention at this point in time.

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This post is styled to help you do Gmail account recovery for Android and other device types, so you can always access Google Drive, Hangout, and other Google services.

How to recover forgotten Gmail password

How do you recover your email password? This is a common question among Gmail users who forgot their passwords.

Ever wanted to sign in to Gmail and receive an error message showing your password is incorrect? I can understand the look on your face when something like this happens.

Most of the students I know who make use of Gmail services, sometimes backup their contacts in the cloud using Gmail or make use of Google Drive to save some of their credentials or would need to activate a Registration through a link sent to their mail and even more.

The tips below will help you recover your Gmail account whenever you forget your password.

Tried to log in to Gmail and it failed? Do the following:

1. Visit and enter your correct email address (google mail addresses are not case sensitive)

2. Enter the password you remember and see if it works, (passwords are case sensitive). If it fails, continue to step three.

3. Click on forgot password.

4. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the last Gmail password you still remember and then click next.

5. Select your account recovery option (to receive a Gmail recovery code as text or to take an automated call from Google) do not share the code with anyone else and no one from Google will ever ask you for the code. 

The google code sent to you is used for authentication of ownership in order to regain access to your Gmail account.

6. On the next screen, type in the google code you received and click “Next” to proceed.

7. If the Google code is correct, on the next screen choose a strong password that you can also remember to use on your next login.

Gmail password tips to keep your account safe from hackers

Every student including other Gmail users is advised to use the following password tips to create a strong password.

  • Do not use letters only as your Gmail password
  • Do not use your pet name
  • Do not use a name that appears on your email address or your own Identity cards
  • Avoid using your date of birth as a Gmail password
  • Mix your password with, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters to build a strong password for your Gmail.
  • Use a password that you can remember easily.
  • Do not click on unsecured links or links not known to you

#Bonus: How to make your Gmail account easy to recover

When forgot password becomes the only option to use, there’s still the possibility of not even gaining access to your Gmail account again if you’re unable to prove it’s you.

When signing up for Google mail, use your correct phone number (this will be used as your Gmail account recovery phone number)

If you lose your phone number, quickly login to update your contact from the Gmail account settings tab so you will be able to get Gmail password recovery via text whenever you forget your password.

Also, add another of your email address as a recovery email, in case something goes wrong.

The above will not just help you recover your email, but will also alert you of any unusual activities on your Gmail account.

FAQS About Gmail Password Recovery

So many students who lost their Gmail password have asked a lot of questions which we will attend to the most frequent ones below:

1. If I forget my Gmail password, can I still recover it?

Yes, you can recover your Gmail password if you lost it. This is usually dependent on options like if you have added a recovery phone number or email address and also if you have access to such options, access to your phone number to enter the Google verification code or access to your recovery email to do so.

2. Can I use another email service provider as my Gmail recovery option?

Gmail allows its users to use any preferred email address as their recovery mail, information concerning the linked account will also be sent to the mail when unusual activity is detected.

3. How many Gmail accounts can I have?

You can have as many as you wish. There’s no limitation to the number of Gmail accounts you can have incased you’re unable to recover your account and decided to create a new one. But there is a limitation in terms of using a particular phone number for verifying different email addresses.

4. What if I don’t have access to my recovery phone number or email address?

For great security concerns and to curb the activities of hackers, Google needs to know it is you. You need to have access to your recovery options or answer a few questions like the time you created the account and last known password so Google can attempt to get back your account. 

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