12 Free Online Finance Courses With Certificate

Financial certifications demand a significant time and financial commitment. These credentials are useful for people outside the accounting and finance fields as well. They also support their organizations. Because of this, so many employers offer to pay for their employees’ professional certifications.

You can choose your study location and hours.  Therefore, you can find the time that works best for you, whether it be during lunch to update your professional skills or during the evenings to broaden your knowledge base.

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Can I study finance independently?

There are many ways to learn about finance, including online courses, classroom instruction, reading financial publications, self-studying with finance books, and connecting with a network of financial professionals.

1. Financial Markets by Yale University at Coursera

Robert Shiller, the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is the instructor of one of the top free online finance courses, Financial Markets, which is offered by Yale University. If you’ve ever wanted to attend an Ivy League university, now is your chance to do so for free while studying with the best.

In recent years, behavioral finance has drawn the attention of both marketers and financial experts. This field combines conventional finance with psychological theory, behavioral theory, and behavioral economics to study why people make the financial decisions they do. This free financial course online covers topics like this one and others.

A different aspect of the financial markets is examined in each of the seven modules. This fascinating course is comprehensive, insightful, and cost-free for students who sign up for Coursera’s audit mode. Anyone who wants to can 

2. Finance Theory 1 Offered by MIT

This graduate-level finance course offered through MIT Open Courseware covers the same material taught on campus. However, it is free. Although taking it won’t result in you receiving any credits or certificates, You’ll feel proud of yourself for completing an advanced finance course at MIT. That is so awesome!

In addition to covering capital markets and investments, the free online accounting course introduces the theory of modern economics and financial management. Given how advanced this course is, individuals without a solid background in finance may find it a little too challenging. It offers a wealth of knowledge for students who are up for the challenge that you can use as you advance your education or career.

3. Introduction to Corporate Finance by Columbia Business School through edX

All Columbia MBA first-year students must take this introductory finance course, taught by illustrious professor Daniel Wolfenzon. You will learn about dependable financial rules and how to apply them to evaluate stocks, bonds, and businesses.

The course includes lessons on the time value of money, capital budgeting, and the cost of capital. Students will discover how to use Excel to compute NPV, determine IRR, and value stocks and bonds.

A free audit option is available for the course, though. You have the option to sign up for the course through edX’s paid section, which offers a Columbia Business School shareable certificate that is signed by the instructor. A free audit option is available for the course, though. For the free online accounting course to be successful, you should have a fundamental understanding of excel.

4. Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision Making

You will learn how to use shrewd frameworks and tools in this six-week edX course to assist you in navigating everyday financial decisions. Whatever your motivations for enrolling in this course, you will find that the information is practical and will guide you in making wise financial decisions in both your professional and personal lives.

The power and beauty of finance are highlighted in this useful free online finance course, along with how it relates to choices we make in our daily lives, like whether to buy a home or rent, as well as how to estimate the impact of loans for our homes, cars, and students.

Students will gain an understanding of the time value of money, the allocation of limited resources to create value, the ease with which financial decisions can be made using modern technology, and much more.

5. Fundamentals of Financial Mathematics and Capital Budgeting

This four-week introductory course is offered by the New York Institute of Finance and is accessible through edX. It is offered as a stand-alone course as well as a component of the Corporate Finance and Valuation Methods certificate program. Students have the option of taking the course for free or paying $99 for a completion certificate.

Determinants of value, the basics of financial mathematics, and capital budgeting are all topics covered in the free online finance course.

6. Free Cash Flow Analysis

Students will learn about value firms and how the free cash flow method is applied to them from Professor Wolfenzon of Columbia University in this course. In addition to using multiples to value businesses, the free online finance course also covers building Excel models to value businesses. 

7. How to Read Financial Statements

The interactive How to Read Financial Statements course, taught by subject matter expert Scott Powell, acts as a primer for the other, more in-depth courses offered by CFI. There are several practical exercises, case studies, and pop quizzes in this 1.5-hour course.

The very interactive course teaches students how to read financial statements. The glossary, reference manual, and accounting factsheet are all available for download and saving for later use.

This is one of the best free online finance courses, to begin with if becoming certified as a financial analyst is something you’re interested in.

8. History of Corporate Finance in a Nutshell

The Alison website, which has approximately six million registered users and offers some excellent free online finance courses, was one of the first to offer MOOCs (massive online open courses). 

You will embark on a journey through the fascinating past of corporate finance in this course, where you will discover some of the wild con games and significant thinkers who have influenced it throughout the years. Simple explanations of fundamental financial concepts will be provided as You gain knowledge of dangers, purchases, mergers, bubbles, and financial markets.

It only takes two to three hours to finish the free online finance course, which is presented by businessman Chester Sky. You must score an 80 percent or higher on the final assessment to earn the optional certification, and you must also pay a small fee in the Alison store to download a shareable certificate.

9. Financial Literacy

Students can enroll in a variety of courses for personal growth and career advancement through Alison’s online learning platform. You will learn effective money management, budgeting, and saving techniques in this financial literacy course.

The free finance online course may appear overly simplistic at first, but it’s quite comprehensive, with seven modules that cover every aspect of personal finance.

All of these crucial subjects are thoroughly covered in each module, which also includes a quiz. You can take a course evaluation after finishing to qualify for a certificate of completion. The certificate is a fee-based course component that must be bought and downloaded from the Alison store. It costs about $20 and is optional, but it is relatively cheap. 

10. Communication Skills for Finance Leaders

The well-known financial publication has created a learning platform with a variety of options in areas like marketing, business, accounting, and finance. Students in the fascinating course “Communication Skills for Finance Leaders” will learn how to improve their communication abilities for today’s audiences by receiving instruction on:

  • How to spot communication problems
  • Outlining The Perception Pyramid’s six components
  • How to influence how others perceive you
  • The most common methods of communication at work

A 14-day trial of the platform’s platform allows free access to the course. Since it lasts only an hour, you will have plenty of time to end your trial if you decide not to enroll in any additional Learn@Forbes classes. 

You will be qualified for a certificate that you can showcase on your website, CV, resume, or LinkedIn profile if you choose to continue being a member.

11. IGCSE Accounting

Students pursuing the CAIE and Edexcel/Pearson IGCSE O level in accounting should enroll in this online course. An accomplished lecturer and chartered accountant with UK credentials created the course. We offer current readings, past exams, class tests, mock exams, and HD video lectures.

Students taking the online IGCSE Accounting course will benefit from preparation for A/A* grades. Included are free past papers and other resources. With our help, thousands of students are succeeding all over the world; begin your journey today and shine tomorrow.

You will receive a Free introductory and guidance live lecture (over Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams).

12. Financial Trading Course with eToro

The formerly intimidating and frequently confusing world of financial trading has become more mainstream and accessible to the average investor thanks to a rise in technological advancements.

This program is a great place to start if you’re interested in trading stocks, commodities, and indices on the London Stock Exchange but aren’t sure where to begin.

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