Formazione Business School Application Guideline 2022

Formazione Business School is a registered and accredited management development institution with reg no RC 1368424.

It is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education established with a mandate to add value to every individual, develop people and strengthen institutions by offering high-quality management programs.

Such programs are ICT, consulting services, and short-term professional programs for both the public and private sector organizations.

FBS partners with individuals and organizations in the realization of professional and personal goals and the attainment of full potential.

At Formazione Business School dual certificate is possible for any student or participant who chooses to obtain our partners or Affiliate certificate.

FBS offers Project Management Professional, Human Resources Management, Customer Services Training, Health Safety, and Environment and Entrepreneurship programs.

They also offer ICT, Short term Professional programs, Executive Programmes, In house Programmes, Vocational programs, Customized Programmes

Formazione Business School  Services

Below are Formazione Business School  Services

Capacity Building

Capacity building is key to great productivity, the level of skills, instincts, abilities, and knowledge an individual develops through training is a determinant of the rate of his output.

Sequel to FBS’ awareness of the certitude that capacity building is essential for individuals and organizations to thrive in this fast-changing world, we hereby, give it an utmost priority in all our programs and services.

Business Advisory Services

The world of business is so pharaonic in nature, this makes it difficult to understand without quality advisory services.

Every developing and developed business we see has a touch of consistent business advisory services in its development process.

As a result of its necessity, FBS conducts Business Advisory Services for prospective business owners, business owners, and professionals.

Start-Up MSMEs Business Mentorship

For MSMEs owners to thrive in business, the need for premium business mentorship is quite indispensable.

Obviously, they need a shoulder to lean on, a reliable source to draw from, and a business professional to consult for mentorship. This is the pretension behind the inclusion of this service in our operations.

 Strategic Development

Strategic development or panning is crucial to business advancement in shifting market dynamics. It sets out the goals, objectives, and vision for an organization’s long-term organic and inorganic growth and development.

Every business desires to and can reach the apex, and this makes it exigent for business owners and entrants to consult FBS for a puissant strategic development for their business.

Market Research

Market or Industrial research is a requisite component of business strategy, an organized effort to gather useful information about customers or target markets.

As a veteran in this area with potent market information in all business areas, FBS helps your business maintain premium competitiveness over competitors.


The buzz about entrepreneurship is everywhere nowadays; it has been seen as the basis for every nation’s swift development.

But we need to emphasize here that entrepreneurship is more than starting your own business, it requires quality training and development for productivity.

Though this process could be taxing, but, relax, FBS offers all you need to know to start, run and grow your business successfully.

Business Plan and Visibility Development

A good business idea or existing business without a detailed business plan and visibility development is a mere futile adventure, just like a soccer game without a goal post.

Every business requires a workable business plan and visibility development to flourish as envisaged. And that is why we place a huge priority on this at FBS.

 Entrepreneurship Promotion

The need to promote entrepreneurship in the developing world is greatly necessary.

This is because entrepreneurship accounts for a large share of job creation, innovation promotion, and more.

And as a way of promoting this vital economic player, FBS offers operative entrepreneurship promotion services to small and large businesses.

Formazione Business Club

The positive influence and impacts of belonging to an association of like-minds on personal and business development are unquantifiable.

Formazione Business Club has the mandate to create a rich environment where members have unrestricted access to brainstorm on business strategies, business matters, and networks- the most effective business expansion strategy.

Our vision is to connect, promote and support.

Vocational Training

The proliferation rate of vocational training centres and their graduates affirms its necessity.

Having learnt the increasing relevance of skills and hands-on instruction in this century.

We meticulously organize vocational training and services for individuals and groups in order to make a distinct contribution and place individuals on the path of productivity.

ICT Consultancy

The ICT world is becoming unimaginably expansive beyond what we knew. Now it plays an increasingly important role in the way we communicate, learn, live, etc.

FBS is passionate to keep you abreast of this fast-moving sector in a concise manner through a range of puissant ICT services.


Formazione Business School is a registered and accredited management development institution with reg no RC 1368424.

It is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria in the year 2016 and is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria by the year 2018.

Our Affiliate and Membership includes Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance USA, Chartered Institute of Leadership and Management USA.CIML Business School USA.

Courses and their Description

Below are the courses Courses and their Descriptions

1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Apparently, project execution and management processes could be taxing sequel to its sensitive and fastidious nature.

The comprehensive process of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing a project, as well as the constant array of management issues to deal with puts a vast demand on prospective and present project managers for professional training.

Behind every successful project is an ingenious project management professional, and successful project management requires effective planning and consistent adherence to the industry’s best practices.

As a result of these, we deploy an action-oriented and fast-paced approach and give participants pragmatic training in a simulated project environment through effective accelerated learning techniques.

2. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE 1-3)

Industries’ targets, outputs, and customer base expansion are becoming unusually complex as a result of competition and the need to increase production rate and efficiency.

This makes workplace disaster, lives, and production losses inevitable at every production and expansion phase. Amidst these, health, safety, and environment management are highly essential.

Our HSE 1-3 program is aimed at providing applicable managerial knowledge and practical methodology in all HSE areas. The course is facilitated by doyens in HSE and assessed by professionals.

3. Human Resources Management (HRM)

Employee convenience and productivity are the major concern of the HRM unit.

An unmanaged system turns to a statute; one way or another, all employees are managed, but approaches vary due to differences in employees, jobs, managers, and organizations.

HRM plays an essential role in the successful running of every private and public organization, the lives of the employees working therein, and the society at large.

Our HRM course is strategically designed to take participants through the multifaceted areas of HRM and equip HR professionals for effective practice.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The place CRM in an organization’s growth and sustenance is irreplaceable, it is one of the driving forces of organic growth; no one gives a return business to a company that provides poor customer service support.

At FBS, we know that the process of turning a sales lead to into a full-fledge customer, and the arduous management of the company’s interactions with clientele are wholly executed by the CRM unit, hence the need for quality training.

CRM is a crucial buzzword in the corporate world but its outcomes depend on the professionalism of the CRM unit which is acquired at FBS professional CRM training.

5. Advanced Entrepreneurship and Business Management

This program provides real-world, hands-on learning on what it’s required to actually start and run a multi-million Naira company/business.

The expected participants are encouraged to have done or completed the Startup entrepreneurship program before AEBD.

6. Start-Up Entrepreneurship

Obviously, entrepreneurship is now ubiquitous; the rate at which young folks switch to it keeps increasing on daily basis.

But a business idea is not enough to succeed as an entrepreneur but an in-depth understanding of the tasks and processes required to prepare for potential growth opportunities and long-term value creation.

As a leading specialist in entrepreneurship and business development, FBS combines professionalism with passion in its dispensation of contents.

7. Chartered Leadership and Governance

An adept business owner or professional is one that successfully combines the qualities of an efficient leader and manager which is a requirement for success.

These qualities impeccably coordinate teams towards the achievement of corporate and personal goals.

Management is leadership and leadership are management, they are two broad areas that require deep concentration.

But FBS will help you deal with the ‘‘head and heart’’ of everyday leadership and management, motivation management, individual and group decision-making.

They also train you to be versed concurrently in these multiple tasks.

8. Facility Management (FM)

Innovation and professionalism are fully required to ensure the functionality of the built environment through the integration of people, place process and technology.

The FM course encompasses two major areas, the ‘Space and Infrastructure’.

The first is concerned with the physical built environment, while the second covers the people and the organisation.

At FBS our content is primarily structured to equip participants with everything needed to fecklessly manage facilities with asset care best practices.

In addition, we also review umpteen latest tools and techniques for facilities maintenance and asset management towards organisation’s growth and performance.

9. Procurement And Supply Chain Management (PSCM)

Sourcing raw materials from suppliers worldwide and bringing them into the organization for the production of goods and services for clientele is unequivocally a sensitive and demanding process.

It requires professionalism for utmost delivery and productivity.

The position of raw materials in the production of quality goods and services is highly inseparable.

This is why FBS commits all efforts to instill in participants everything they need to perfectly assess materials, procure good materials, manage them well.

10. Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)

Logistics, be it inbound, outbound, internal or external movements are highly critical in every organization’s success.

Every business requires some kind of purchasing transportation and storage of goods from procurement point to when it gets to the consumers.

Our LSC professionals specifically designed this course to introduce you to the concept of the plan, source, make, deliver, return, warehousing, inventory management, supply chain drivers, and sustainable supply chain strategies.

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