Doha Institute For Graduate Studies Scholarship 2022 Application Form

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarship is now open for applications from suitably qualified students. It is a fully funded scholarship for all students sponsored by the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

About the Institute


While the City of Doha hosts both domestically and internationally, including the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Institute was founded as one of the Non-Profit-Making Institutions in Doha.

It offers 17 Masters Programs and about 8 Doctoral Studies.

Eligibility for Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarship

The Following are the Criteria for Doha institute for graduate studies scholarship 2023;


1. Scholarship applications are accepted from both domestic and international students, however, they cannot be combined with other types of grants or financial aid.

2. Candidates must keep up their excellent academic standing because the institute reserves the exclusive right to withdraw the scholarship based on performance.

3. There are no age restrictions for applying for scholarships, although candidates must have earned a bachelor’s degree before applying for master’s programs and PhD programs, respectively.

4. Previous students who received one of the Institute’s scholarships are ineligible to apply.


5. Candidates must satisfy the admission requirements.

Benefits of Doha Institute Scholarship

1. Full Tuition Fee.

2. University Housing fee (Accommodation).

3. Monthly Allowances.

4. International Air travels all round tickets.


5. Healthcare coverage.

Documents Required

1. Means of Identification e.g Qatari ID or Passport for International students.

2. Official Transcripts.

3. Previous Degree Certificate.


4. Statement of Purpose (SOP).

5. Curriculum Vitae.

6. Two Letters of Recommendation.

7. English Proficiency Test score if you have not studied in English language.


8. Academic Essay.

9. Other Supporting Documents.


Application Deadline

The Deadline for the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarship for domestic and international students is January 20, 2023. Apply as soon as possible because the scholarship is highly competitive.

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