CyberGirls Fellowship 2022 Cohort For African Young Girls And Women

CyberGirls is a 1-year fellowship that equips girls with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills, helping them to seize work opportunities within Africa and across the world.

This initiative aims at combating poverty, cybercrime, cybersecurity skills shortage, unemployment, and gender disparity in the tech industry (particularly the cybersecurity niche).


During the one-year fellowship, the CyberGirls beneficiaries will be exposed to computing and cybersecurity fundamentals, and career paths in cybersecurity, and upon choosing a desired career path will be taken through an appropriate learning path to get hands-on skills, mentorship, become certification-ready, get paid internship/job shadowing opportunities and if old enough secure entry-level job placement.

CyberGirls Fellowship Learning Paths

The learning journey has been designed to begin with digital literacy and systematic progress from basic cybersecurity concepts to more specialized niche cybersecurity learning. Midway through the fellowship, beneficiaries will choose and focus on one of the following tracks/career paths.

  • Threat Intelligence: Learn to use data generated by networks, applications, and other IT infrastructure to assess and improve organizations’ security posture.
  • Cloud Security: Learn and apply basic network security techniques in the cloud environment, and assess levels of risk and recent vulnerabilities that apply to cloud services.
  • Penetration/Vulnerability Testing: Learn the basics of penetration/vulnerability testing. Using software and command-line tools for scanning, reckoning, and exploitation.
  • Incident Analysis/Response (SOC Analyst Level 1): Covers various incident analysis tools and techniques that support vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection, attack protection, and network/resources repair
  • IT Security Audit: This covers the fundamental knowledge of Security auditing. What IT Security Audit is, Its importance, and how it can be conducted.

CyberGirls Fellowship Eligibility

  • Open to girls and women aged 18 – 28 years old;
  • Interested in starting a career in cybersecurity;
  • Willing to commit 7 months to the fellowship;
  • Undergraduates and graduates;
  • This training is only available to participants in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia and Egypt.

CyberGirls Fellowship Cost

  • The CyberGirls Fellowship Program is absolutely free, at zero cost to the beneficiaries.

How to Apply for CyberGirls Fellowship


For participants in Nigeria and Ghana, both virtual and physical learning options are available. For beneficiaries in other listed countries, only virtual learning is available. The training holds on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) from 10:00 to 14:00 (WAT) with the exception of National Holidays in Nigeria.


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