Complete WAEC Past Questions And Answers For All Subjects

We are glad to bring to the notice of the general public, especially candidates in the senior secondary schools, planning to sit for the West African Examination (WAEC) that we have made a complete compilation of WAEC past questions and answers from different years for all subjects available for download on our website.

Whether you are going for the WAEC school exam (internal) or WAEC GCE (external), you can always visit this page to download your WAAEC past Questions and Answers for free.

One of the major challenges often faced by students is to read their books, write and pass exams with high grades.

If you find it difficult to determine the right time to study and memorize your books, you can use the Realupdatez formula for studying to get this resolved as soon as you read.

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Our main purpose of providing these WAEC past questions and answers is to enable students to practice previously asked questions, solve them among themselves or with the help of a teacher, and lookup for the answers to see how well they can attend to such questions.

The questions and answers as contained on each post here, should not be mistaken for what the student will see on the day of the exam.

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How To Download WAEC Past Questions And Answers For Free

Click respectively on the links below to download for your desired subjects.

  • WAEC Agricultural Science Past Questions
  • WAEC Biology Past Questions
  • WAEC Chemistry Past Questions
  • WAEC Commerce Past Questions
  • WAEC CRK Past Questions
  • WAEC Economics Past Questions
  • WAEC English Past Questions
  • WAEC Financial Accounting Past Questions
  • WAEC Further Maths Past Questions
  • WAEC Geography Past Questions
  • WAEC Literature in English Past Questions
  • WAEC Mathematics Past Questions
  • WAEC Physics Past Questions
  • WAEC Technical Drawing Past Questions
  • WAEC Visual Arts Past Questions
  • WAEC Yoruba Past Questions

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As we plan to help provide WAEC past questions and answers for other years/subjects not yet contained on this post, we also seek for your efforts in helping us achieve this, simply by sending us other papers you have through mail at [email protected].

How To Practice WAEC Past Questions And Answers Online.

You can practice WAEC exams on their official portal called “WAEC e-learning portal” this was brought about to help address the issue of mass failure often encountered every year after exams.

The portal is device friendly and easy to use, students are hereby advised to take advantage of this WAEC online resources to practice for free and get ready for the task ahead.

You can do so with ease hence you’re are connected to the internet. The portal is open to all candidates; May/June and Nove/Dec. WAEC candidates.

The official WAEC e-learning portal is .

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