Scholarship Prank: 5 Of The Best Scholarship Prank Videos

Scholarship Prank is a website that enables students to prank their friends, parents, and professors with mock scholarships. The potential for laughter was taken into account.

Scholarship pranks became one of the most popular Tiktok challenges where people prank especially the older ones saying fake things about them and expecting their cooperation in order for them to win the scholarship award. Most of the Tiktokers would say they were asked what/who is their biggest inspiration/motivation.

Although there are a lot of scholarship prank video submissions that went viral on Tiktok but trust me I really laughed hard watching scholarship prank Pastor Pam’s reaction in one of the videos got me rolling on the floor.

However, depending on who you want to be seen pranked, you can adjust your search for example; scholarship prank on mom, scholarship prank on husband, etc.

First of all, we are overjoyed for you and this wonderful opportunity. You know how much we adore you and want only the best for you. It’s not every day that someone in our family gets a scholarship, so we thought a fun little prank would be in order! This year has been hectic and hasn’t offered us much time to celebrate with you. We knew how much the scholarship meant to you, and since Mom’s handwriting can be hard to read, we decided to have some fun with your acceptance letter.

Top 5 best scholarship prank videos

The selection is based on my personal opinion and video popularity, feel free to make suggestions via the comment section at the end of the post. It would help me and blog readers see other fake scholarship video submissions.

1. Funny scholarship prank on husband

@thepeetes Wait for it 😭 #thepeetes #scholarshipprank #pranks #couples ♬ original sound – The Peetes

2. Scholarship prank on mom by @Jess_Kenyon

@jess_kenyon #scholarshipprank ♬ original sound – Jess_kenyon

3. Hilarious scholarship prank on Dad

@shamitekeste2 if looks could kill . the end🤣 #fypage #scholarshipprank #UnfoldChallenge #JDVaporMaxShuffle #parentsoftiktok #prankingdad #habeshatiktok #tiktoksa ♬ original sound – shami

4. Funny scholarship prank on grandma

@denicia4real Part 1. Y’all I was so nervous to do this 🤣😂#scholarshipprank #part1 #fypシ #grandma #pranks #scholarship #fy ♬ original sound – deniciaisthexfactor

5. Scholarship prank on my parents by Jaxwritessongs

@jaxwritessongs Doing the Scholarship Prank on my parents…in song 😂 #scholarshipprank #scholarship #foryou ♬ original sound – Jax

I hope you enjoyed the list of scholarship prank videos contained in this piece of article, feel free to make your recommendations in the comment box below.

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