30 Best Places To Post Furry Arts Online

Do you want to get on the furry artist list and wonder what is the most popular furry site where one can sell furry art online?

More art is really being sold online rather than in traditional settings as each year goes by. Even galleries, which have always been good places to sell things in person, are seeing more sales happen online. In fact, several new galleries claim that more than half of their purchases take place online, which means that the majority of their customers are strangers.

More and more art fans are becoming accustomed to purchasing art online, from expensive fine art to specialized crafts. Online sales have pushed the creative arts more slowly than other sectors, but during the past eight years, this has altered. And a lot of artists are choosing to bypass galleries entirely and sell their work straight online, taking away the middlemen.

It can be difficult to choose because there are so many possibilities accessible for any type of artistic expression. Independent artists have had great success with social media marketing, utilizing sites like Facebook or Instagram to draw in customers. 

What is furry art?

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Furry art is a type of illustration or digital art that features anthropomorphic animals, typically with human-like qualities such as human intelligence and clothing. This genre is commonly associated with the furry fandom, a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animals.

Where to post and sell furry art online

What if you’re not actually going to become completely independent? Or what if you still prefer the thought of receiving assistance when you require it? Numerous websites exist that can help you promote your work to potential customers.

1. FurAffinity

The furry fandom is the center of the furry networking site and art gallery site, FurAffinity. On August 2, 2005, Aliena debuted it. The leading furry social media platform and art gallery website is FurAffinity. Over 8 million users currently access the website, and each day, they add about 15,000 new pieces of art material.

2. Furry Art Central

A community where furry artists can share their work is called Furry Art Central. Over 50,000 people are a part of its sizable and vibrant community. Because Fur Affinity powers the website, it’s simple to upload artwork and handle your account on both. The website offers a number of characteristics that make it an excellent place to exhibit your furry artwork, including

3. SoFurry

SoFurry is a community for furry artists and authors where members can publish their works online. Over 1 million people are a part of the biggest online furry art community.

4. Weasyl

A furry art community where you can share your work and connect with other furries is called Weasyl. Additionally, it’s the best spot to look for fantastic furry artists. The website has existed since 2009.

5. Inkbunny

A website dedicated to furry-themed art is called Inkbunny. It was established in 2008 and is now among the most popular furry art websites. Avatars are among the features offered by Inkbunny. Additionally, the website offers a system of badges that users may acquire by completing specific tasks as uploading artwork

6. Deviantart

On the website DeviantArt, artists may share their work, get notoriety, and make money. The finest website for posting furry art is this one. DeviantArt, which has a large readership, can be a fantastic place to start if you’re new to the furry community.

7. Patreon

A membership site called Patreon makes it simple for creators and artists to get compensated. It is predicated on the notion that creators of excellent art ought to be able to support themselves financially. Members provide consistent donations to artists on Patreon.

8. Twitter

The best way to locate furry news and personalities is on Twitter. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the most recent furry conventions, gets to know new artists, and interact with other furries.

9. Instagram

Instagram is a well-liked social media site for creatives. Registration and use are both free. Instagram is a website where you can share photos as well as videos and stories. Additionally, you can create an Instagram profile for your furry creative.

10. /r/furry on Reddit

The largest online furry art community is found on Reddit (/r/furry). Over 130,000 people subscribe to the subreddit, which contains an uninterrupted stream of content pertaining to furry culture.

11. Tumblr

One of the best platforms for posting furry art is Tumblr. You can post text, photos, videos, links, and audio files on this social media site. You can start a community or a blog. On this website, you can create your own communities or blogs about furry people.

12. Discord

A voice and text chat application for gamers is called Discord. A group chat feature, sharing of photos and videos, and instant messaging are all features of the app. More than a million people from around the world are part of the sizable furry community on Discord.

13. Telegram

Over 200 million people use the messaging software Telegram, which is largely used for business. Furry Forever, a community with over 6400 members that you can join, also calls it home. There, many artists share their furry artwork.

14. Tapastic Comics App

Although Tapastic is a smartphone program, a minor purchase is required to use its premium features. There are dozens of artists sharing their work, making the community large and vibrant.

15. Furry Amino

As you can see, this website is home to a furry community. You can communicate with people who have similar interests by joining a number of groups. If you’re unsure of the type of furry art you wish to appreciate,

16. Myspace

Furries are welcome on Myspace, which is a furry website. Myspace, on the other hand, is a straightforward website that helps you with publicity if you prefer to engage in fan interaction over simply posting your artwork online for public consumption.

17. F-List

A website dedicated to furry art called F-List has been online since 2005. It has a vibrant artistic and fan community that is warm and encouraging. Furry art may be posted on F-List very easily.

18. Kenket

To view Kenket’s art, you must be a patron on his Patreon page. It will definitely be worth it because he is one of the most well-known furry artists and has the best furry artwork.

19. Fine Art America

The largest online art gallery and provider of print-on-demand services are Fine Art America. Since 2006, they have assisted artists in selling wall art, tapestries, decorative items, clothing, and other items.

20. Artpal

ArtPal is a distinctive web gallery that is entirely free and represents more than 222,000 artists. Artists have a variety of options for how they permit people to purchase their work, including using ArtPal’s print-on-demand tools or selling only their own products.

21. UGallery

According to UGallery, perusing their online collection of art should be similar to taking a leisurely afternoon to tour your nearby galleries in person. They were established in 2006, take their curating seriously, and want to steer clear of the internet’s countless art markets.

22. eBay

No matter the medium, many artists are successful on eBay. The variety of items offered can be seen by taking a brief look at eBay’s art category. Online marketplace eBay has a solid reputation and offers a ton of assistance to its sellers.

23. Minted

Artists, animators, and creatives should visit Minted, a premier source for personalized Christmas cards, wedding invitations, and much more. Through public voting in design competitions, artists are chosen.

24. Society6

Interested in selling art copies or having your original artwork printed on a range of items? Uploading photographs and works of art to Society6 is quite simple, and you can sell them as everything from iPhone cases to tote bags to art posters.

25. Zazzle

Zazzle gives you the choice of being a maker (to sell things) or a designer, offering you the best of both worlds (to sell art). Simply by uploading it. photographers, graphic designers, and artists make their work available for print-on-demand.

26. Redbubble

Redbubble, another print-on-demand service, was established in Australia in 2006 and enables artists to upload images to be printed on a wide range of products as well as reproduction prints.

27. Artfinder

British, American, and international artists make up the London and Miami-based Artfinder collective. There is a selection procedure to join. The best work from artists as well as a brief statement is requested for assessment.

28. Artplode

Do you not wish to forfeit a commission on your artwork? You might enjoy Artplode. The website, which was established in 2014, collaborates with creators, museums, distributors, and collectors and focuses on original works of art, prints in limited editions, and pictures.

29. Saatchi Art

Being one of the most reputable names in the industry on your side when looking for a location to sell your work online isn’t a terrible idea. Charles Saatchi’s business founded Saatchi Art, which was sold in 2014 but continues to use the illustrious name.

30. Turning Art

Having your artwork displayed in a public space might increase your awareness and bring in a sizable profit. Turning Art is an organization that specialized in curating art for large institutions, hotels, designers, and enterprises. Creatives can see their original drawings recommended to commercial clients and even be launched for commission work by applying to be a part of their system of artists.

Furry Art FAQs

Is making furry art profitable?

Yes, making furry art is highly profitable and a full-time furry artist can make over $10,000 in 30 days. The most amazing this about furry art is that you can make some cool bucks from it whether as a side hustle or a full-time job.

How much does furry art sell for?

There’s no fixed price for a furry art sale as the cost is determined by a number of factoring ranging from how simple or complex the drawing is. A simple furry art can sell for $20 while some other types of complex furry art drawings can cost over $200.

How do you make money from furry art?

There are several ways to make money from furry art and one of the most amazing of them all is the commission method. You can earn nice commissions for furry art sales on programs such as the Etsy furry art commission.

Can being a furry be a job?

Yes, however, it depends more on your personal decisions for whether you want to build another career or focus on making furry art as your full-time job.

Who is the most famous furry artist?

There are a great number of famous furry artists, as the popularity of individual artists can vary greatly within the furry community and beyond. Some well-known furry artists within the community include Kevin Waxter, Terrie Smith (Kendall), and Rod O’Riley.

What is the average salary of a furry artist?

The average salary of a furry artist can vary greatly depending on various factors such as location, experience, demand for their work, and the artist’s ability to monetize their art through sales or commissions. Some furry artists may earn a full-time income through their art, while others may only earn supplementary income or do it as a hobby. The income of a furry artist can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars per year to about $120,000.

Why are people into furry art?

People may be into furry art for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Fandom: Some individuals are fans of anthropomorphic animals and enjoy the art, stories, and culture associated with the furry community.
  2. Creative outlet: Furry art allows artists to express their creativity by creating unique and imaginative anthropomorphic animal characters.
  3. Escapism: For some people, furry art serves as a form of escapism, allowing them to immerse themselves in a fantasy world where they can be someone or something different from their everyday lives.
  4. Emotional connection: Some individuals may feel a strong emotional connection to anthropomorphic animals and the art depicting them.


Finding the finest websites to share your furry artwork is challenging, but the ones mentioned above offer wonderful communities and can expand your fan base. Try searching for additional websites on Google or reading through our list of furry art if you’re looking for more venues to share your creations.


Featured image: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YeEZgP

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