21 Best Paying Jobs For MBA Graduates

Searching for which job is best after MBA or which MBA job has the highest salary? Then search no further, for your search ends here.

Honestly, the immense damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has not only claimed lives but also ruined livelihoods, some may wonder if an MBA degree can currently lead to a well-paying and exciting work opportunity.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2020 corporate recruiters study, MBA graduates who acquired their degrees in 2020 and received job offers often command six-figure wages, despite growing unemployment internationally. 

However, the typical beginning salary for MBA employees in the immediate aftermath of the crisis – $105,000 – was $10,000 less than that of those hired before the crisis.

Though the total quantity and quality of jobs available to new MBA graduates are influenced by the status of the economy.

If you are looking for best jobs for MBA graduates with no experience or the highest paying MBA specialization in USA, you will definitely find the below listing helpful.

Highest paying jobs for MBA graduates

1. Marketing managers

Marketing managers assist in the management of a firm’s marketing initiatives and the coordination of marketing workers. They’re also in charge of estimating how growing demands for a particular product or service would indeed be and who could be inclined to purchase it.

According to Marie Gould Harper, dean of the American Public University System’s Boston campus, struggling businesses frequently require the support of marketing managers, therefore demand for them has remained steady during the pandemic.

Marketing managers are required in practically every industry because every company has a product or service to sell. They are usually paid in the six-figure range. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for marketing managers in the United States was $136,850 in May 2019.

2. Bussines Strategist

According to PayScale, MBAs with a specialization in Strategy earned the most amongst everyone with a degree in business administration. In Pay Scale’s sample, 71 percent of males and 29 percent of women.

These corporate executives can engage in conversations over whether a proposed business is feasible and may be expected to set prices for products and services. Their salaries range from $76,000 to $209,000. They frequently devise methods for attracting customers and increasing sales.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of corporate managers employed in 2029 will be 13% greater than in 2019. The job growth projection for this field is higher than the 4 percent average for all occupations in the United States.

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3. Manager of Medical and Health Services

Health-care organizations are facing enormous logistical hurdles as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and they will require expert managers to overcome them.

Medical and health services managers are in charge of a variety of healthcare facilities, and their mission is to maximize quality while lowering costs. These executives are responsible for keeping detailed records and ensuring that their company complies with a variety of standards.

According to the BLS, the median wage for these professionals was $100,980 in May 2019, and employment in this industry is expected to be 32 percent greater in 2029 than it was then.

4. Management consultants

sometimes known as management analysts, utilize their industry knowledge as well as in the understanding of administrative processes to help firms solve challenges, generate wealth, and enhance performance. 

As a management consultant, you’d be in charge of gathering information from various sources (such as consumer research, employee surveys, and sales reports) and distilling it into recommendations for how the company might improve its strategy, structure, or operations to increase profitability.

Annual Median Salary: $82,450

Management consulting expertise will be in high demand as firms continue to target cost containment and efficiency gains. By 2026, jobs in this industry are predicted to expand by 14%. (faster than average).

5. Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for monitoring a firm’s financial condition and performance. Providing a comprehensive accounting statement, overseeing day-to-day monetary transactions such as payroll, looking for ways to reduce investment risk, and supervising sales and marketing department personnel are just a few of their tasks.

They may also be involved in handling mergers and acquisitions and investing excess funds. $125,080 is the median annual salary. Over the next 10 years, several critical parts of the financial manager’s function, such as risk management and cash management, are likely to be in high demand. Financial managers are expected to have a 19% increase in employment by 2026. (much faster than average).

6. Financial Advisor

Personal economic advisors advise customers on investments, savings accounts, taxes, mortgages, estate and retirement funds, and other financial matters. They are well-versed in financial legislation and investments. 

Financial advisers are often compensated for the financial products they sell to their clients, thus they devote a significant amount of effort to administrative expanding their client base. Median Annual Salary: $90,640 

As the Baby Boomer generation retires and Generation Y grows more concerned with paying mortgages and investing for their children’s college education, personal financial counselors will be in great demand.

7. Sales manager

Sale is an important part of every company. Growth is the responsibility of sales managers. Any company’s sales department is critical. While managing a team of sales representatives, sales managers are responsible for accomplishing growth and fulfilling sales quotas. 

They are also responsible for developing the company’s overall revenue strategy, offering training and mentoring to their employees, assigning sales territory, and managing team growth. For sales managers, communication skills, charisma, and solid business acumen are all highly appreciated qualities. $121,060 is the median annual salary.

8. Public Relations Manager 

Public Relations Manager  They are in charge of developing the company’s publicity strategy and ensuring that it has a positive public image. 

In crises, public relations managers are frequently called upon to offset unfavorable press. 

Answering media questions and proposing stories to the media are common responsibilities, as are producing media kits, drafting speeches or press releases, and crafting other public communications as needed.$111,280 is the median annual salary.

9. Security Analyst 

Security analysts, also referred to as financial economists, monitor the performance of stocks, sectors, industries, and economic systems in the finance sector and provide buy, sell, and/or hold recommendations. They frequently concentrate on a single topic, such as

10. Operations Research Analyst

Advanced mathematical and analytical methodologies are used by operations research analysts to evaluate data and communicate it to management to aid with a tough decision. 

Common challenges that operational market researchers work on include improving supply chain management, establishing the best method to organize food products, and determining the steps necessary to organize products in retail stores.

11. Market Research Analyst 

Market research analysts gather insight into consumer choices and competitive pressures to help firms determine how they should sell their goods or services to the public. 

Qualitative methods, customer studies, perception polls, and review of literature are some of the methods used by analysts to gather data. They then use statistical tools to evaluate the data and deliver it to top management or, if they’re operating on a fixed-term contract, their clients. $63,230 is the median annual salary.

12. An accountant 

Accountants are in charge of analyzing and preparing financial data, as well as guaranteeing that all accounting data are maintained and payments are made correctly. 

Recording monetary operations, drafting financial accounts and P&L reports, resolving economic inconsistencies, and other tasks may be part of your day as an accountant. Median Annual Salary: $69,350 

13. Human Resources Specialist

Human resources (HR) specialists are primarily concerned with the recruiting and training of employees. Creating job postings, planning and controlling and interviewing people, 

Although making preparations evaluating salaries and bonuses, and instituting training and professional development programs are also some of their responsibilities. This post can lead to higher-paying human resources management and directorships. $60,350 is the average annual salary.

14. Human Resources Manager 

HR managers are in charge of all areas of a company’s human resources policy and practices. In most cases, they are also in charge of one or even more HR specialists. 

As an HR manager, you’d be in charge of formulating and executing Strategic initiatives for hiring, training, and retention, as well as serving as a liaison between employees and senior management.

HR managers are crucial in fostering a positive work environment and resolving personal issues. $110,120 is the median annual salary.

15. Financial Examiner

Financial laws and regulations must be followed by all enterprises and organizations or risk significant consequences. Financial examiners play a role in this. These financial experts conduct in-depth analyses of an organization’s finances and give recommendations for improvement. 

They will usually specialize in either risk scoping (guaranteeing that a company has enough cash to cover unexpected losses) or consumer compliance (ensuring that an enterprise does have enough revenue to pay unforeseen events) (ensuring that lending processes are fair to borrowers).

16. Budget Analyst

Budget analysts assist businesses in planning and monitoring their spending. Reviewing budget plans submitted by management for authenticity and regulatory issues, conducting cost/benefit assessments, 

Also, they are in charge of maintaining track of expenditures and projecting future financial requirements are all important roles. Budget deficit analysts may also attend deliberations to discuss their budget proposals with lawmakers. $75,240 is the median annual salary.

17. Logistical Expert

Logisticians examine and supervise all aspects of a company’s supply chain. They are ultimately in charge of a product’s complete life cycle, from its acquisition to distribution and delivery. The logistician’s job entails establishing business ties with suppliers and devising tactics to improve logistical efficiency. $74,590 is the median annual salary.

18. Advertising Manager

Advertising managers devise strategies for generating interest in specific goods and services. They may operate for a private corporation or a government body. 

Collaborating with department managers to evaluate advertising expenses, designing and executing advertising campaigns across multiple types of media, and structuring advertising contracts are some of their tasks. $106,130 is the median annual salary.

19. Operational Manager

Operations management is a leadership executive that entails controlling a firm’s personnel and output management. The objective of the operational director is to make sure everything flows efficiently, securely, and consistently. 

He or she may be in charge of quality standards, controlling stock and allocation of items, monitoring workflow, and projecting financial commitments for operational processes.

20. GIS analysts, 

often referred to as geolocation analysts, are in charge of evaluating geographical data and detecting trends. They frequently examine patterns relating to a firm’s success, sales, or management in the private sector, such as where the majority of mobile website users come from or which districts make their most sales. 

This information is then placed on top of charts and provided to leaders to improve them make strategic decisions. GIS is a rapidly growing field, making it one of the most unusual MBA careers. $52,734 is the median annual salary.

21.  Training and development manager

A training and development manager is responsible for overseeing the research on corporate development services that help staff to improve their understanding and skills. 

They are in charge of developing or selecting core curriculum, as well as harmonizing coaching with the organization’s strategic goals and assessing the success of education programs and trainers. 

$108,250 is the median annual salary

Businesses must invest in training and education programs to be competitive in today’s environment. The demand for training and development managers is predicted to expand at a 10% annual pace by 2026.

Final words:

An MBA degree is a long-term essential part of development that will pay you handsomely. As shown in a TopMBA.com research, MBA graduates repay their initial investment is far less than four years on average, owing to higher earnings and job prospects.

An MBA degree can lead to a range of profitable professional opportunities. Your career path will be determined by your hobbies and areas of expertise.

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