Best Masters Degree In Human Resources Online Program 2023

Professionals in the recruiting and management of employees understand the value of graduate education, especially as technology alters the way people communicate in the workplace; this is why so many are considering an accelerated online Masters in Human Resources degree. 

Human resources managers and leaders with an accredited degree in the sector will have more opportunities while also guaranteeing that organizations that hire them are making the right decision. It’s vital to produce this type of ranking now that more programs are making an effort to fit around a professional’s work schedule.

At the graduate level, human resources online degrees are one of the most popular options. This is due to a working professional’s desire to further their knowledge. Because they must continue working, the program must be flexible, quick, and cost-effective.

 Three are available at the institutions in this ranking, as well as a number of features and alternatives that make them an excellent choice for human resource managers.

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Why Should I Pursue a Human Resources Master’s Degree?

A master’s degree in any discipline is a noteworthy and worthwhile achievement. Getting a master’s degree in human resources, on the other hand, is a sensible move. The greatest master’s program in human resources will open doors, provide possibilities, and pay graduates more.

These are just a few of the reasons to think about getting a master’s degree and looking for the top master’s in human resources programs. The greatest master’s programs in human resources will also help you advance in your career. 

Institutions that provide the best human resources master’s programs provide degrees that are respected, accredited, and recognized.

Obtaining the greatest human resources master’s degree possible may also give you a leg up on the competition for those coveted HR positions. 

Why should you pursue the best master’s degree in human resources? 

For starters, how about success, growth in your career, financial gain, status, and opportunity?

What Can I Do With a Human Resources Master’s Degree?

Although a bachelor’s degree in human resources opens numerous doors, master’s degrees and positions in human resources are only available to advanced graduates. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular master’s degrees in human resources.

Human Resource Manager is one of the most sought-after careers for master’s degree in human resource management graduates.

Labor Relations Specialist – Jobs requiring a master’s in human resource management, such as labor relations specialist, are generally categorized as “specialist” occupations.

Training and Development Specialist – occupations requiring a master’s degree in human resource management, such as these development and training specialist positions, are often personally and financially gratifying.

The list of opportunities, prizes, and personal benefits goes on and on, but it all starts with acquiring that highly respected and useful accelerated master’s degree in human resource management.

The Best Online Accelerated Human Resources Degree Programs

The editors of Fast Online Master’s focus on programs that offer a fast track to a master’s degree. Students, on the other hand, want to know that their degree will pay off, thus we only include renowned, accredited institutions. Using current IPEDS data, the Most Affordable list is displayed from lowest to highest tuition.

1. Bellevue University

An online accelerated Human Resources degree is available from Bellevue University. This 36-hour program is simplified and manageable, and it was created with flexibility in mind. The program follows a cohort learning model, which allows students to enroll in one course at a time. Students gain abilities in strategy, leadership, and communication as they learn.

Students who complete this degree program will be valuable assets in almost any industry. Furthermore, there are no GRE or GMAT requirements for this online HR degree program.

Both online and on-campus degrees are available at Bellevue University. Its online learning platform has earned it a good reputation. The degrees at Bellevue are designed to help students advance in their careers. In other words, they don’t include any filler and just cover the courses that will help pupils progress.

In addition, rather than a surface-level instruction, it employs a total mastery method. This school is centered on the needs of its students. Adult students make up a large portion of Bellevue’s student body. Adult learners will find Bellevue University among the top ten universities in the country.

2. Troy University 

Troy University offers an online accelerated master’s degree in human resources. Students graduate from the program as confident and knowledgeable HR professionals.

Students learn about ethics and tactics, as well as how to assist others in a variety of contexts. This program is for HR professionals who are currently employed and wish to advance their careers. It improves teamwork, communication, and other crucial business abilities.

Troy University assists students in becoming professional leaders. This school started as a teaching facility. Troy has grown, but it hasn’t strayed from its original dedication to quality. Troy has expanded to include numerous campuses, as well as an online learning platform. 

That online learning platform provides students with a level of flexibility that they may not find in a traditional classroom setting. Troy University offers a diversified learning environment that is well-regarded by veteran students. Several of Troy’s programs have been named among the finest online degree alternatives by US News and World Report.

3. Tarleton State University 

Tarleton State University offers an online accelerated Human Resources degree that can be completed in as little as twelve months. The curriculum for the program is focused on current business and HR practices. 

Students learn about hiring, payroll, and other important HR skills. Students gain a lot for their tuition dollars because this program is ranked for its outstanding quality and value. The curriculum is aimed at working professionals who are currently employed.

4. Indiana State University

Indiana State University is a public university in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The online MS in Human Resources from Indiana State University can be completed in as little as 18 months. It’s an online accelerated master’s degree program in Human Resources. 

This curriculum prepares students for HR positions in a variety of organizations. This covers for-profit companies, government agencies, and non-profits. Students learn how to put best HR practices into practice and can specialize in the process. The curriculum concludes with a capstone project that allows students to apply what they’ve learned.

5. American Public University System

An online accelerated Human Resources degree is available through the American Public University System. It’s a master’s degree in management with a focus on human resources. Students can transfer up to 15 credits, allowing them to complete their degrees faster. 

The curriculum teaches students how to address real-world business problems and how to effectively respond to them. Ethics, strategy, organization, planning, and other vital abilities are emphasized. Students complete their studies by creating an ePortfolio that showcases their abilities.

6. West Florida University 

The MBA in Human Resource Management is offered by the University of West Florida. This online accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources is 36 hours long. Hiring the right employees, calculating remuneration, and other HR methods are among the topics covered. 

Students also learn how to create new employee training programs. Students gain critical management skills such as effective leadership, communication, and more because this is an MBA degree.

7. Southern Indiana University

An online accelerated Human Resources degree is available from the University of Southern Indiana. It’s an MBA program with a focus on human resources. It takes only 11 months to complete the curriculum. It enables students to develop their leadership abilities to new heights, allowing them to become valuable additions to businesses and HR departments. 

Individual and group tactics for working with people are covered in the courses. They also help students prepare for HR management positions. Many students pick this program because it is less expensive than other possibilities.

8. Middle Tennessee State University 

Middle Tennessee State University offers a Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Leadership. Online students study critical HR skills in this accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources. HR managers are becoming increasingly crucial in today’s world. 

This program assists students in filling critical positions to address those needs. Learners come up with innovative ideas and develop a thorough awareness of important HR practices. The program comes to a close with a

9. Fort Hays State University

An HR focus is available as part of the MPS degree at Fort Hays State University. When looking for an online accelerated Human Resources degree, many students select this program. The course covers the most crucial aspects of effective HR strategies. 

HR professionals are becoming increasingly crucial in today’s environment, and students are preparing for this. For a balanced skill set, this degree blends theory and practice. Recruitment, compensation, and development are all topics covered in class.

10. Louisiana State University

A master’s degree in leadership and human resource development is available at Louisiana State University Shreveport. This online accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources takes only ten months to complete. The application has gained popularity due to its high quality and low cost. 

It also provides concentration options, allowing students to concentrate on the most in-demand elements of the industry. Faculty members have worked in human resources in the real world.

11. Pittsburg State University

An online accelerated Human Resources degree is available from Pittsburg State University. This MS can be completed in as little as 12 months. The curriculum covers a wide range of HR professions as well as the skills required for them. 

It’s a highly hands-on program, and students learn by doing much of the time. They will acquire confidence and be able to put their talents to use right away. Students prepare for a variety of HR positions, including work for businesses and non-profits.

12. Utah State University 

For those seeking an online accelerated master’s degree in human resources, Utah State University offers an MS in Human Resources program. This curriculum can be completed in four semesters. 

They learn through working on real-world company initiatives, which allows them to hone the most important skills for effective HR management. As a result, students can become excellent HR executives and strategists.

13. Suny Empire State College 

Students can get an expedited Human Resources degree online at SUNY Empire State. This MBA program is for aspiring HR professionals as well as those who have already begun their HR careers. It addresses the fundamentals of business and decision-making. 

Human Resources skills are enhanced by the HR specialization. Students learn how to manage payroll, hire new staff, and train them, among other things.SUNY Empire State College was established to help students of all ages and stages. 

As a result, this school is particularly appealing to adult students. There are numerous online programs available at this institution. In reality, this school is frequently at the forefront of online learning. SUNY Empire State College is reasonably priced, easily accessible, and as adaptable as possible. 

It also provides students with adaptable learning experiences to help them achieve their objectives. SUNY Empire State students work full-time, and at least 40% are first-generation college students.

14. Stony Brook University

The MS in Management program at Stony Brook University includes an HR Management concentration. This accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources can be completed entirely online. This degree also offers part-time learning options for those who do not require an accelerated program. 

In any event, the curriculum teaches students how to assist firms in achieving their human resource objectives. It teaches a wide range of business skills as well as HR-specific abilities. It also emphasizes self-assured and successful leadership. Stony Brook University is a well-regarded and well-known institution. It’s also regarded as one of the best universities in the country. 

Stony Brook students live up to high expectations and gain a rich learning experience as a result. Because the student-to-faculty ratio is low at the school, faculty members can work closely with students to assist them to achieve their goals.

15. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University provides a Human Resources degree that can be completed entirely online. Because this master’s degree is oriented toward working professionals, it provides a great deal of flexibility. 

The program assists students who desire to advance in their careers or change careers. It employs a competency model and places a premium on leadership abilities. It also provides important HR skills such as consulting, business growth, and team management.

The University of North Carolina system includes Western Carolina University. It makes a difference for both its students and the community via teaching, research, and hands-on participation. 

Western Carolina University places a premium on academic success. This institution also has a strong reputation for online learning, making it a suitable alternative for people who need to balance their studies with other obligations. WCU’s HR curriculum was named “Best for Aspiring Leaders” by

16. Central Michigan University 

Students can acquire a master’s degree in human resources administration from Central Michigan University. It’s an excellent option for those seeking an online accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources. Students will learn how to design tactics that produce genuine outcomes in this curriculum. 

They also learn how to manage teams and operate effectively with groups of individuals. As a result, students’ employability and leverage in the area will improve. They’ll graduate with essential business skills that they can use to advance their careers.

Central Michigan University understands the transformative potential of education. As a result, it provides an impactful education. Central Michigan University originated as a teacher’s college, but it currently offers a wide range of degrees. 

It is constantly evolving, improving, and striving for the greatest results in order to better serve today’s kids.

17. Baker College.

Baker College’s MBA program has a Human Resource Management concentration. In most cases, the curriculum takes two years to complete. It is, nevertheless, a realistic alternative for people seeking an accelerated Human Resources degree online because it offers an accelerated course. 

Students will learn how to keep groups motivated, engaged, and organized. The program recognizes that HR has unique obstacles, and it teaches students how to efficiently handle those challenges. 

The program is built on current HR needs, allowing students to realize the benefits of a rewarding HR career. Baker College provides a variety of learning alternatives, including online courses with no established meeting times. 

The school is dedicated to providing students with the resources they require to succeed. As a result, there are several resources available for adult learners. Baker College maintains small class sizes to ensure that students receive the attention they require.

18. University of Arkansas

The online accelerated master’s degree in human resources offered by the University of Arkansas is an MEd in Human Resources and Workforce Development Education. This program is for those who wish to learn about business while simultaneously training and educating others. 

Students learn how to create and improve commercial and organizational programs. It’s a wonderful option for folks who enjoy interacting with others and want to develop a diverse set of abilities.

The University of Arkansas is one of the country’s best public research universities. It puts its pupils first at all times, prioritizing their needs above anything else. The school teaches skills that have the potential to change people’s lives. 

It has an impact on more than simply students’ lives. Its research has an international influence. The University of Arkansas is powered by innovation and a desire to learn for the rest of one’s life.

19. Golden Gate University

A master’s degree in human resource management is available at Golden Gate University. This program is an online accelerated Human Resources degree with 27 credit hours. Students learn how to keep teams motivated, engaged, and productive. 

They also learn how to obtain a team’s respect by developing leadership qualities. Learners can seek internship possibilities that may lead to job placements after completing the program, which is taught by teachers with real-world HR expertise.

Golden Gate University is a private university that specializes in adult professional education. Because it is geared toward adults, the majority of its classes are entirely online, with the remainder taking place on evenings and weekends. 

Golden Gate University is a career-focused institution providing courses that assist students in achieving their objectives. Experts with real-world experience teach the classes. Career counseling and other student services are also available at the institution.

20. CSU Global 

An online accelerated master’s degree in Human Resources is available through CSU Global. The degree can assist students in becoming established, respected, and self-assured leaders. Students will learn how to assist organizations in growing and thriving as a result of their studies. In addition, students learn how to tackle basic business and organizational issues. They learn crucial HR skills including team management, ethics, administration, and compensation, among others.

Colorado State University has a section called CSU Global. This school understands that each student is unique, with unique requirements and circumstances. As a result, it gives an education that is specifically customized to those needs. 

Students, for example, receive the same prestigious CSU education while also benefiting from the convenience of a fully online degree program. CSU Global employs a career-based learning approach that assists students in advancing their careers. CSU Global was the United States’ first totally online, autonomous university. For many years, it has been a leader in online education.


The apparent motivation to get a master’s degree in human resources is the compensation. While the income range for a master’s in human resources varies depending on a variety of circumstances, the truth remains that a master’s in human resources salary is substantial.

A master’s in human resources income will range from $100,000 on the low end to $110,000 on the high end, according to statistics, sources, and reports. A master’s in human resource management pay will be large and satisfying regardless of where the employment is located.

However, the master of human resource management salary may vary, so always be aware of the bonuses and benefits that come with these crucial jobs in addition to the pay.

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