Best Courses For Employment In Nigeria

What are the top earning degrees in Nigeria? It’s acceptable to follow your passion while deciding on a course of study, but that doesn’t mean you should sign up for a non-profit course. Many Nigerian students enroll in universities without understanding the value of the degree they want to pursue due to ignorance. 

Therefore, we have made the decision to write an article that will give you a list of the highest-paying courses that are currently offered in Nigeria.

I think it’s a great idea to enroll in a course that relates to your interests, but you shouldn’t let this persuade you to choose a subject that will cause you issues and regret in the future.

 Due to Nigeria’s rising rates of unemployment, the improper field of study choice could cause a variety of issues in the future. Without further ado, let’s look at the Highest Paying Courses in Nigeria with Numerous Employment Possibilities.

Which course has more job opportunities in Nigeria?

1. Medicine and Surgery

Medical and associated fields are among the most rewarding for Nigerian students. Regardless of the sector, they work in, doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals are among Nigeria’s highest-paid workers. 

When you land a good job in the medical field, you can be sure that your time there was well spent because of the large salaries that the majority of gainfully employed medical practitioners receive at the end of each month, despite the fact that the majority of highly paid medical courses in Nigerian universities take a long time to complete.

2. Computer science

The role that information technology and its subfields play in a country’s development has led to a serious shortage of computer professionals in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there is a great need for experts in all computer-related fields, and they are well paid. 

This is especially true of those who are specialists in a particular industry. Numerous extra opportunities are also provided by computer science and other related fields. Studying computer science and related fields has only one drawback: you must be extra good with these IT skills.

As a computer major, you have the option of specializing in social media influencer/PR, blogging, digital marketing, web design and development, embedded systems programming, mobile app development (Android or/and iOS), online teaching, and a number of other online and offline information technology-related fields. 

3. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering usually referred to as “Elect-Elect,” is a highly sought-after course in Nigeria at the moment with a high likelihood of success. The study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics to practical issues are the main focus of this course. 

Nearly anywhere that requires electricity has a need for electrical engineers. Just a handful of the many industries that information technology firms, industrial businesses, telecommunications businesses, and aerospace enterprises.

4. Law

Due to the many job opportunities this study offers, we can recommend law as another highly-paying topic for students in Nigeria. Even if the majority of newly admitted Nigerian legal professionals complain that they make less money than their competitors at higher levels, being wealthy as a lawyer requires a lot of knowledge and connections.

The best way to become a lawyer in Nigeria and earn substantially more money is to open your own legal practice and deal directly with clients. It is one of the best ways to make money as a lawyer in Nigeria, despite the fact that it is not an easy task.

5. Business Management and Administration: 

Among Nigerian students, business administration, or “biz admin,” is a well-paid course. Even if having a degree in business administration and management is not always necessary to run a company, expanding a corporation requires a certain level of management experience, which is where our trained business administrators and managers come in.

Business administration is one of Nigeria’s best-paying degrees, and professionals in this field enjoy satisfying monthly salaries. Your earning potential as a business administrator or manager is mostly determined by your level of expertise and knowledge in the area, because managing a firm is a significant task that inexperienced people cannot undertake.

6. Accounting and finance

Accounting is one of the best business courses you can take in Nigeria if you’re interested in the business side of things. If you have an accounting and finance degree, you can work almost everywhere. The majority of Nigerian accountants work at places like airports, banks, churches, hospitals, schools, hotels, supermarkets, government buildings, and many more lucrative locations.

7. Petroleum Engineering: 

Nigeria is a country with a large oil industry, and graduates who work for companies like Shell, Chevron, NNPC, and others are among the highest paid in the nation.

Since Nigeria is a major oil-producing nation, you can be sure that petroleum engineers who are experts at what they do are among the highest-paid people in the nation. Petroleum engineering graduates play an important role in the advancement of oil mining and petroleum product production in any country around the world.

Regardless of the industry, you decide to work in after completing your studies at any higher education institution in Nigeria or abroad, you can expect to make a lot of money when you land a good job. Petroleum engineering is one of Nigeria’s highest-paying degrees.

8. Estate Administration 

One of the few underrated courses with big earning potential for experts who know their stuff in the industry is estate administration.

The main topics covered in this course include property appraisal, assessment, purchase, management, and, in some circumstances, disposal. Estate managers are in charge of a building or a group of structures, which may include commercial buildings like offices and hotels, as well as private homes.

In Nigeria, estate management is generally a great degree to pursue. Career opportunities for this degree are scarce in Nigeria when compared to other developed or developing countries throughout the world. However, the demand for estate managers has recently grown. Another benefit of estate management as a field of study in Nigeria is that it enables you to work for yourself, meaning that with enough money,

9. Geology

Geology isn’t typically thought of as a degree with a lot of potential for income in Nigeria, but we recently discovered this.

Geology focuses on the solid Earth, the rocks that make it up, and the processes that cause those rocks to change through time. It is essentially an environmental science course.

Geologists are beginning to receive the respect they deserve in the oil industry in Nigeria. They are also adept at finding and extracting materials such as water, valuable stones, minerals, crude oil, natural gas, earth metals, and other substances. Due to their skill in identifying suitable locations for oil production in the nation, geologists are now highly sought after by oil businesses in Nigeria. Geologists are in high demand in Nigeria’s mining sector.

10. Architecture

This year, among the highest-paying degrees in Nigeria are those in architecture and related fields. Any college in Nigeria that offers this degree is challenging, but if you thrive at it, architecture might turn out to be a lucrative career.

In Nigeria, you can start your own practice as an architect and start creating construction plans for clients. If two architects work on the same project, the senior architect will get more money since, in this line of business, your pay is mostly based on your level of skill. Therefore, the more clients and money you can bring in, the more skilled you are.


Finding and pursuing your passion is a wonderful endeavor. It’s important to keep in mind that you have a lot of other obligations to attend to while pursuing your interest. With that in mind, choosing a professional path that will enable you to meet your needs while also allowing you to pursue your passion will only make sense.

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