ASU Graduation Rate: Arizona State University 2023 Updated

Graduation rates at Arizona State University (ASU) have been steadily increasing in recent years, with the university achieving a record-high graduation rate of 72.5% in the previous year. This is a significant improvement from the graduation rate of 63.8% in 2010.

One major factor contributing to the increase in graduation rates is the university’s commitment to student success. ASU has implemented a number of programs and initiatives aimed at helping students stay on track and graduate on time. These include:

  • First-Year Success Program: This program provides first-year students with the support they need to make a successful transition to college. Students are paired with an academic advisor and are given access to a variety of resources, including tutoring and study groups.
  • Retention Initiatives: ASU has implemented a number of retention initiatives aimed at helping students stay enrolled and graduate. These include targeted outreach to at-risk students, early warning systems that identify students who may be struggling, and academic coaching to help students improve their grades.
  • Flexibility: ASU offers a variety of flexible learning options, including online and evening classes, to help students balance their education with other responsibilities.
  • Support Services: ASU offers a variety of support services, including counseling and career services, to help students succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

Arizona State University retention rate

The average retention rate at Arizona State University is 70.0%.


ASU has also made a concerted effort to improve the affordability of a college education. The university has implemented a number of financial aid programs and scholarships and has also frozen tuition rates for several years.

These efforts have paid off, with ASU’s graduation rate now ranking among the highest in the country among universities with large enrollments.

As ASU continues to focus on student success and affordability, we can expect to see the graduation rate continue to climb in the coming years.

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