5 Best Resignation Letter Samples And How To Write Yours

How do I write a short resignation letter? Whatever your reason for leaving your job, sending a resignation letter can help you keep good relations with the organization thereby resign gracefully. A good resignation letter thanks them for their time, explains your intentions to leave, and offers to assist with the transition.

In this article, we go over how to write a resignation letter, along with what to include and how much notice to provide. In order to assist you in creating your own, we also offer sample resignation letters and a template that you can simply copy, paste, and tweak.

What is a letter of resignation?

A resignation letter is a formal letter that a person uses to express their desire to leave a job. A work resignation letter’s main purpose is to formalize the notice period; however, it also serves as a sign of good manners. A letter of resignation can be used to give information about your final day of employment, assist in the transition, and express gratitude to your employer for the opportunity to work for them.

How to prepare your own immediate resignation letter template in a few minutes

1. A salutation

Address your resignation letter to the appropriate person. You should probably address your resignation letter to your immediate manager or an HR representative, but occasionally you might also write to your team, department, or the entire company.

2. Your intention

Your intention to leave the company should be expressly stated in the body of your resignation letter. Specify the company and your new status.

3. Your time of departure

Your last day of employment should be specified in your letter of resignation. Although two weeks’ notification is customary, you might be departing right away or giving greater notice based on your needs. You can also list any tasks you still have to finish before you leave the company, like unfinished projects or unpaid invoices. 

4. Your reason(s) for leaving

Reasons for resigning include fitness crises, relocation, monetary benefits, and other considerations. You don’t have to include personal information in your resignation letter, even though you should give your employer a clear explanation of why you’re leaving. Keep the tone civil and professional even when you are not happy at work.

5. A thank you

A resignation letter gives you the chance to thank your employer for the chance to work with bright coworkers, learn new things, gain practical experience, and get paid. Expressing your appreciation for the opportunity to work with the company will ensure that your relationship with them continues after you leave and can help set a positive tone for the time you have left there.

Resignation letter samples

For leaving a company, there are various resignation letters available. The following are five sample job resignation letters, along with a free template you can use to draft your own:

1. A basic resignation letter or simple resignation letter

A straightforward resignation letter sample is provided below:

                                                                                                   Mary George

                                                                                                   Sales Manager

Incorporated Benny Properties

Mayfair Street 45, New Plymouth

Kansas, 06554

[email protected]

June 9, 2021.

Good day, Patrick

I’m writing to formally inform you that, as of December 23, I will no longer be serving as Benny Properties Limited’s sales manager. I am grateful for the chance you gave me to advance professionally while I was working at Benny Properties Limited. We appreciate the help and inspiration you have provided. If there is any way I can assist during the transition, kindly let me know. Best wishes to you and the business.


Mary George

2. An example of a professional resignation letter

A good resignation letter that’s professionally written would look something like this:

Dear Ms. Henshaw,

I’m resigning from my position as a financial accountant at shark Chemicals, so please accept this letter as official notice. On March 11, a Friday, I’ll be leaving.

I must express my gratitude for giving me the chance to fill this position for the past four years. Working with the directors of research, purchasing, human resources, sales, and marketing was an opportunity I had during my employment. I value the numerous training opportunities and growth and development programs that have helped me become a well-rounded professional in the heavy chemical manufacturing sector. I will finish all open tasks within the next two weeks, and during that time I am willing to help with the hiring and training of new employees. If you could please tell me how I can help with the transition. I hope to stay in touch and send you and the business my best wishes.


Anita Grey

3. A sample resignation letter with two weeks’ notice

Here is an illustration of a formal resignation letter sample with notice period (two weeks’ notice)

Hello Mallory

I’m writing to officially let you know that, as of two weeks from today, I’ll no longer be working for Manup Investments as their accounts manager. I’ve had a particularly good twelve years. I’m grateful for the chance to manage client accounts totaling more than $200 million, develop meaningful connections with wealthy people, and excel at the top of the hedge fund industry.

I appreciate you providing me with a supportive environment that has allowed me to advance in my career to this point. I wish you and the company all the best. If there is any way I can help with the transition, kindly let me know. I intend to remain in touch.


Johnson Rutherford

4. Resignation letter with a 24-hour notice

A sample resignation letter with a 24-hour notice is provided below:

Greetings, Christine

Accept this letter as official notice that I’m leaving my position as quality assurance officer with Lighthouse Media as of September 12th. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more advanced notice so you could get ready for the change. I had no choice but to resign right away. I want to express my gratitude for all the help and inspiration you gave me while I was working for the company. I want to express my regret for the delayed notification once more. I hope to stay in touch and wish you and the business nothing but success.


Isaac Pitman

5. Emergency Resignation Letter 

Here is an illustration of an immediate resignation letter:

Hello, Mr. Martin

I’d like to let you know that I’ve formally resigned from my position as a park ranger with the Just us Park Service. Although I am aware that my contract will end on March 24, I must resign right away for a pressing personal matter. Tell me how I can help with the transition if you would, please. I appreciate the chance to work with you and your team. Thank you for your understanding and please accept my apologies for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause.


Jasper Billy

Over to you:

If you find this post helpful, feel free to share it with others who are in dire need of the best practices of writing a resignation letter when it is time to exit the office. We also wish to remind you that it is best to resign gracefully and your official resignation letter mailed to your employer should sound cool regardless of how unhappy you are at work. This will be of advantage to you in case you need something from them in the future.

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