19 Highest Paying Jobs In Netherlands Without A Degree

Which job pays the most money without a degree in Netherlands?

The Dutch value discussions, community spirit, meeting people, and getting out and about; most Dutch individuals have busy lives, divided into very tight schedules. Permission is typically required for everything, including visiting a relative; the Netherlands is one of the politest and most liberal civilizations in Europe. 

It is a country of entrepreneurs by tradition, spanning from traders, seafaring explorers, and ambitious engineers, to artists, architects, and designers. Dutch citizens make an average of €2816 more per person per month on average than Germans do. The Dutch appreciate education, hard work, ambition, and skill. They have a long history of accommodating visitors and a reputation for accepting newcomers with open arms.

In order to work in the Netherlands, every non-EU citizen must first and foremost secure a valid work permit. It may be requested by either the employee or the employer. There is no granted generic work permit; a work permit is only valid for the employer that submits the request and expires when the employee leaves the job. 

Single permits, highly skilled migrant permits, student permits for graduates, and entrepreneur permits are among the different kinds of work permits available in the Netherlands. The four permissions vary in the following ways: 

  • People traveling to the Netherlands to work are eligible for a single permit. It is typically the sponsor of the employer who submits the request, whether for work or study purposes or for participants in the Canadian Young Workers Exchange Program (YWEP).
  • The Netherlands is able to bring in talented individuals from other nations to work there with the help of a highly skilled migrant permit.
  • After completing their studies in the Netherlands, graduates from non-EU universities may apply for an orientation year visa if they want to work. It is a one-year visa for residence only.

Numerous well-paying positions just need a high school diploma, a postsecondary nondegree certificate, or even a two-year associate’s degree. A few positions don’t even call for a formal educational certification.

We have made the decision to research high-paying positions that don’t require a bachelor’s degree or higher. We did this by using the most recent salary and educational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 19 top-paying jobs that don’t necessarily require a four-year degree and their minimal educational requirements, work experience requirements, and on-the-job training are listed below. 

Once you have found employment or begun your chosen career in the Netherlands, it is crucial to follow all work regulations and work toward obtaining a permanent residence permit, for which you can begin the application procedure after five years in the nation.

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Moving to the Netherlands can be quite difficult at first, but as experts who have settled there have stated, the country is an excellent place to start your profession and earn a solid wage.

Unskilled jobs in Netherland with highest paying salary

1. Work from home for an online company

For many years, the world has been trending toward remote employment. Many insurance businesses, internet retailers, and customer service teams have made the switch. This is fantastic news for people who desire to live abroad and have greater control of their time. Since hiring remote workers tends to result in happier, more productive employees, many progressive businesses have built their employment eco-systems around this idea. One such business is Safetywing.

2. Real estate manager or agent

The pandemic caused a setback in the condo market in 2020–2021; nevertheless, foreign investment is slowly returning, and job opportunities in real estate are increasing. Many foreigners are employed by companies like CBRE and Absolute to manage projects and offer real estate and timeshares. diving teacher

3. Driving 

Consider becoming a diving teacher if you prefer the clear waters of the Southern Islands to Bangkok’s flashing lights and chaotic streets.

You are already halfway there if you have diving experience. This is a legitimate job route that can enable you to travel and live abroad in numerous nations. 

4. Teachers 

Instructors make roughly $30–$40k per month, which is comparable to teachers’ salaries. But as you get more senior, your pay will rise. And who knows, you might eventually establish your own school. If you’re not yet qualified, you can take classes and get teacher training. 

5. Freelance Writer

If you’re good with words, you can discover jobs as freelance writers on websites like Upwork.com or by using a paid service like Online Writing Jobs. Additionally, if you’re willing to work for your reputation, it may make you significantly more money than working as a teacher in Thailand. There are many different writing occupations, including copywriting for sales pages and websites and article writing for online periodicals.

6. On Fiverr, provide a service.

In case you weren’t aware, Fiverr is an internet marketplace for independent contractors. The website gives independent contractors a platform from which they may serve clients all across the world. All services on this website were initially $5, but they quickly changed to tiered pricing based on needs, and more recently, premium services from more seasoned pros. You’ll be astonished by some Fiverr vendors’ earnings. Popular gigs easily make over $100 each day. Additionally, with upsells, the price could exceed $200.

7. Bartending

Bartending or even working in the hospitality sector can be really wonderful alternatives if you don’t think teaching is your thing.

One of the simplest and best-paying part-time jobs for students is one whose nature fits with your academic schedule and provides a respectable hourly wage.

8. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a fantastic part-time job for students like you if you are skilled with numbers. Some employers may even let you work on the weekends if you want to, which is uncommon when you’re studying abroad. This is because many small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time accountants and instead need part-timers who can keep their ledgers.

9. Data Entry 

Although data entry is the easiest job to land, it may not be the greatest paying part-time employment for college students. If you are unable to identify any unique talents you may possess,

You may complete it in your dorm room and submit your work online because it’s so straightforward. It is advised that you perform all of these transactions online in order to guarantee secure payments and high-caliber services.

10. Online Recruiting

A virtual recruiter serves as a point of contact between an employer and a possible employee. They are also known as “headhunters” for the work they do, which involves reaching out to a number of professionals and arranging/conducting first interviews between businesses and prospects.

11. Postage delivery

In certain zip codes, postal mail delivery is required. It is one of the few well-paying part-time occupations available to students who don’t mind doing some traveling as part of their duties. Additionally, it’s a terrific solution if you want to concentrate only on your studies. Simply dedicate a portion of your day to delivering mail in the specified area.

12. Tour director

Another excellent opportunity for outgoing students is this side job. Every city has some attractions or monuments that draw tourists of all kinds. When working as a tour guide, it is crucial to ensure a positive client experience by being approachable, open, and friendly. These positions, nevertheless, are seasonal in nature and have set working hours.

13. Freelance Editor

Some of the highest paying part-time work-from-home opportunities include freelancing and proofreading. If you are an international student, you have a strong command of the English language.  You can utilize it effectively as a contract writer, editor, or proofreader.

Additionally, it is among the best paying and most flexible part-time employment for college students. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you are on the globe, and at your own convenience. Win-win, am I right?

14. Walk your dog.

This work is especially for dog lovers. Walking your beloved dogs in gardens is one of the best high-paying part-time jobs for students you can find if you love dogs. Many elderly people or busy families need younger people to walk their energetic dog breeds for them.

15. Marketing of a brand!

This side business is ideal if you are an extrovert who likes to engage with people in public. If you get a college degree in marketing, sales, or a related field, working as a brand booster and ambassador will also prove to be a terrific learning experience. Your appearance and communication skills will personify the brand’s image and message. Some company campaigns can involve giving away free samples, fliers, and coupons. You must have patience and be conversational.

16. Site manager 

Site management is one of the top-paying and most in-demand professions in the Netherlands. The job comprises a variety of duties, such as project planning, budgeting, monitoring, and reporting. popular in the Middle East and the Netherlands. This is appropriate for those who have less formal education but want to demonstrate their project management knowledge and abilities.

17. Caregivers

They can provide care in an interactive or babysitting role. Managerial positions often have additional authority and responsibilities. People in this position frequently have to deal with difficulties related to food and upkeep, as well as managing elderly and young people. They can also serve as teachers and caretakers for young people and the elderly.

18. Cashier

As a result, there is a severe cashier shortage in the Netherlands. As a result, tens of thousands of unskilled foreign employees are hired annually. These expatriates have a fantastic opportunity to find jobs and support themselves in a new nation. There is a growing demand for accountants as the number of enterprises increases. Your chances of landing a full-time position in the banking industry will be enhanced if you gain some work experience there.

19. Waitressing

Waitresses are in high demand in the Netherlands due to the country’s growing population and the resulting high demand for food and restaurants. This job’s requirements include serving and taking care of customers’ tables. You should be personable for this employment role.


You would often need to have a job offer with sponsorship from a company in the Netherlands before applying for the majority of work visas. Additionally, the Home Office must have approved and listed this employer on its list of eligible employers. Although it can be simple to find a job in the Netherlands, the market is competitive. This implies that you must distinguish yourself from the herd. Because different industries have varied needs and expectations, some jobs are simpler to find than others. Therefore, before applying for positions, make sure you are eligible.

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