15 Effective Tips On How To Pass Exams With High Grades

If you ever asked the question how can I get a higher grade? Then this post is for you.

Writing and passing exams can be very challenging, especially for the most dreaded courses. Here’s a no-nonsense guide on how to pass any exams with good grades which you are expected to make proper use of this guide if you want to score well in exams and bring your grades up in one week. 

Over the years to date, our team has engaged in several communications with high school students who are seeking means on how to pass exams easily and with good grades.

From our experience, we are able to put together the best examination tips every student will need to pass an examination excellently.

The truth is that no student would like to fail in an exam, every student struggles to pass but unfortunately, many students still fail. In this guide, you will learn a lot to make you a better student who scores good grades. Nevertheless, exam time can be very stressful but you can put things under control, read on to find out.

This is not a guide on how to pass exams without studying, so if you’re searching for such you may have to stop reading this post at this very point because I don’t know how to write and pass exams without studying. But if you want to learn the right things to do and pass exams with good grades, then keep reading this post.

Effective tips on how to pass exams with good grades in high school

How do you pass a test? Sometimes people have less time to study or read their books before exam time. The below tips will help you get ready and pass exams at the last minute.

1. Study Broad

Studying wide will always help students pass exams, you shouldn’t restrict your readings only to the school’s curriculum.

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You don’t really know where the questions are coming from, so you simply need to read everything you see or that comes across you and then get ready for the examinations.

2. Choose a learning environment

Where you carry out your studies can also influence your ability to write well in exams and make good grades.

This is evident from the way a majority of the students prefer a certain location to the other in terms of reading or studying for exams.

Some students will prefer to read in the classroom while others will always go to the library to read books.

3. Fight Fear with all your strength

Fear kills…

fear alone can cause a lot of problems during an examination. You need to make good use of the ability to overcome the fear of writing exams no matter how hard the paper is.

Many students who studied hard for their exams can forget all they read in the examination hall when they allow fear to capture them.

4. Avoid cramming for exams

Ever heard about la cram la pour?

This is a term used to express a situation where students engage in cramming only to pass exams.

Students who cram a lot tend to forget all they have crammed after the examination period and most of the time even before the examination as little stress or distraction can make them lose what the brain holds because they didn’t study to remember. They were cramming only to write their examinations.

Students who want to pass exams with a good grade are advised to study hard and shun any form of cramming as this has never helped any successful student.

Successful students learn to remember what they are been taught and not to cram only for exams and nothing post-examination.

5. Avoid school distractions

All works and no play make Jack a dull boy…. but should Jack play away his time?

We know some students despite the zeal they have for their academic pursuit, will also like to be the most popular student ever. Yet the majority of ways students tend to be popular in the college is to engage in a school party, partying from one club to the other.

This is what an average student sees as a means to become popular in high school, we refer to such activities as factors capable of causing distractions that will affect the student’s school grade points.

School activities like sports and school parties are organized to help students interact better with the school and environment, and meet even more people.

This should be done moderately as it will always remain the secondary option. While studying and writing exams with flying colors will always remain the primary aim of every serious student.

6. Don’t be late for exams

Always late to school?  Don’t even try it during examinations…

Coming to school late is a thing every student is always advised to stay away from, but a majority of the students have formed it as a habit to always come to school late.

These types of students will always have the problems of passing school exams as they are always late for school and miss too many lectures scheduled for the school session.

During exams, coming to school late will output a very awful result as the student will be in a rush and might be given late penalties while others are busy writing their examination.

The above situations can disorganize a student and make him/her perform low during the examination and probably submit same time with others.

Why are you always late for school, is there anything you can do about it?

Find out what makes you late to school and devise a means to handle them properly, you can set an alarm if you have a sleeping issue, or even increase the rate you do some domestic chores before leaving the hostel for school.

7. What do you want to achieve this semester?

Can you set for yourself a goal to achieve per semester?

This particular tip has helped many students determine what they want and work towards it to achieve success.

It could be that you want to score high grades, can you be specific in the grade you want? If yes, set it, work towards it, and see it come to pass.


8. Prepare a reading schedule for your studies

Making a reading timetable is an effective way to make better performance during exams, this is a practical approach to reading what you intend to read at the right time.

A reading timetable will make sure you cover all the courses you’re supposed to read and get ready for your examination.

It is true that after setting your reading timetable, there could be other challenges like feeling sleepy while reading, but mastering your reading timetable will help you overcome it.

9. Make reading a habit

There’s no specific time to start reading, the best time to start reading is now.

Some students are fond of reading only when the exam is close, there will always go short of time reading all the courses they will have to write, especially for students studying in schools with tight exam timetables.

You will write exams with flying colors when you make reading a habit. You can achieve this through constant reading.

10. Develop a passion for your course

Many students complain they got admission into the course they don’t like but they have to accept the admission because they are tired of staying at home.

Such types of students will find it difficult to write and pass such courses excellently simply because they don’t have a passion for the course they are studying.

We hear some people say I hate mathematics, I hate physic, I hate Chemistry, name them…

Developing a passion for your course is a sure way to write exams with high grades.

11. Sleep is necessary

Watching motivational movies can be very interesting, but spending much time watching movies will cause you to sleep when you’re supposed to read.

Again make sure you always have up to 8 hours of sleep every day, this does not matter whether you want to read throughout the night or not, you can sleep during the day and read at night.  Or read in the daytime and then get yourself full hours of sleep at night.


12. Join a reading team

Reading team is a leading team…

The above is evident from how they are very comfortable to write exams, despite how dreadful the subject appears to you.

Find out people who like reading, and make friends with them, make sure you are punctual to your group’s reading schedule and never allow a single miss for reading

13. Test yourself before exams

After reading, before you go for the exams, you can ask friends in your reading group to ask you certain questions within and outside all you studied and see how well you can answer those questions.

Apart from answering questions from friends, you can also organize your own personal quiz and see how well you can attend to them you just have to be honest with yourself here.

If there’s anything you forget, you can always make references to your reading materials and conduct several revisions before the exam starts.

14. Ask others in the higher class

Knowing it all is very difficult…

You can always meet others who are in a higher class, ask them how they managed to write and pass certain university courses, follow their strategies to see how best it works for you.

They were once at your stage, now they have passed it, the possibility that things will work out for you same as it did for them is high.

15. Read and study past questions

Most of the exams you are yet to write have been written by some other persons, some time ago…

You can download past questions online, or ask others who have written to give you their question papers so you can go through them.

Reading past questions will help you know the scheme or strategies adopted in setting a particular school exam and the approaches you can apply to make high grades.

Recap on how to pass any examination with good grades

  • Study Broad
  • Choose a learning environment
  • Fight Fear with all your strength
  • Cramming for exams
  • Avoid school distraction
  • Don’t be late for exams
  • What do you want to achieve this semester?
  • Prepare a reading schedule for your studies
  • Make reading a habit
  • Develop a passion for your course
  • Sleep is necessary
  • Join a reading team
  • Test yourself before exams
  • Ask others in the higher class
  • Read and study past questions


I strongly believe that if you follow this guide properly, you will write and pass your exams with high grades, share your views with us through comments.

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