15 Best Jobs In the Netherlands For English Speakers

Can an English speaker get a job in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a nation in the northwest of Europe with rewarding employment for its citizens. The nation is renowned for its thriving cities. There are numerous foreigners living in this nation, many of whom are doing so for personal reasons including employment, education, or simple tourism. 

The Netherlands offers several beautiful lakes, as well as gorgeous landscapes and architecturally stunning buildings that serve as tourist attractions. It is necessary to be sufficiently equipped to handle a variety of situations in order to pursue a career in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the world, which attracts many experts looking to launch a career there. According to studies, individuals who wish to relocate to the Netherlands and seek employment are eligible for around 30% of free income taxes. People with specialized talents in the labor market are eligible for this tax break. In this article, we will explain some high-demand jobs and what you need to know before choosing a job in the Netherlands.

When choosing a career in the Netherlands, here are 5 things to think about

Job Availability: 

There are numerous fulfilling occupations available in the Netherlands, provided you have the necessary abilities for the position and possess the work visa, which is issued upon entry into the country.

Once you are in the nation, you must register with your local municipality to obtain a work and residence permit. The municipality in which you register is the one in which you currently reside or plan to move in the future. You would require a passport, birth certificate, and residency permit in order to register.

Healthcare system

The Netherlands has one of the best healthcare systems among western European nations. It is best to think about the type of health insurance you might wish to apply for, whether private or government-owned, as you prepare to move to the country. Additionally, the nation has professional hospitals with modern equipment and an emergency dialing code of 112, which can be used in the event of an emergency.

Acquiring housing

whether you need to buy it or rent it, can be rather simple. If you already have your temporary residence permission and the funds to cover your expenditures, you can obtain any kind of housing plan and have it wherever you choose. You must have lived and been registered in the Netherlands for a significant amount of time to be eligible for a mortgage.


Since the Netherlands is open to visitors, it has a good working environment for its employees. No of the industry or setting, locals are generally cordial and accommodating, even at the office.

Careers to consider in the Netherlands as a foreigner that are exciting

The Netherlands is one of the nations in Europe where you can make your goals come true whether you’re thinking about changing careers or wishing to start one in a different location. A handful of the well-known and interesting careers are described below for your consideration.

1. Psychiatrist 

Take part in the healing and treatment of those suffering from mental illnesses or other psychiatric problems. A six-year medical degree followed by specialization are prerequisites for becoming a licensed psychiatrist. A psychiatrist’s annual pay is thought to be around $150,000 on average. However, the pay scale varies depending on whether the psychiatrist works for a hospital or has a private practice.

2. Lawyers 

A lawyer’s work entails taking on cases or advising clients, who may be individuals or businesses, on legal matters. There are many different legal specializations one might pursue to make money, including criminal law, civil law, and many others. As a result of their high salary, lawyers can expect to make an average of $100,000 per year or even more.

3. Dentist

Another medical profession that takes care of patients’ dentures is dentistry. In comparison to other medical specialties, dentists are claimed to be able to make good incomes of around $130,000 even in their first year of employment. A dentist can run his own private practice or work in a paid position, depending on his or her qualifications and work authorization.

4. ICT Manager

An ICT Manager oversees the organization’s information technology department in addition to managing the employees who work there, earning an average salary of $100,000 per year.

Additionally, an ICT manager must possess ready abilities in data science and security engineering, in addition to having a bachelor’s degree in information science.

5. Notary

A notary keeps a record of agreements signed between people or businesses. A career as a notary is related to the law because it involves dealing with official documents that need to be notarized by an expert. For this occupation, you need a master’s degree in notarial law and a few years of apprenticeship with an experienced notary to learn the ropes. Average annual compensation of $120,000 is possible for a professional notary.

6. Business Economist

Business economists are specialized analysts that conduct studies and analyses on economic topics to address economic difficulties.

They make roughly $80,108 a year on average. An undergraduate economics degree or other business-related studies are required to begin this career in the Netherlands.

7. Pilots

Pilots work for airlines that fly passengers and freight between different locations. Pilots typically have demanding jobs, but they can also be fascinating because they frequently travel as part of their work. A qualified pilot must complete training or academic requirements in aviation before they can start earning an annual salary of roughly $110,676.

8. Company directors

Company directors are not easily obtained; instead, one must be chosen by the board of directors of a certain company. Because you ensure the firm’s affairs and goals are well-cared for and met as a company director, this makes our list of thrilling occupations. A company director can get a staggering $86,112 per year for performing little to no labor. Even though there aren’t many educational requirements, a bachelor’s degree can lead to some extremely intriguing changes.

9. Marine captains

The safety and timely delivery of merchant ships are the responsibility of maritime captains, who are also responsible for ensuring that the ship conforms to all applicable national and international legislation. Before becoming a maritime captain, one must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program as well as a six-month internship.

By enrolling in the MBO’s middle bar two-year training program, a maritime captain can also enter the field. They are said to make $66,996 a year and have a challenging but enjoyable profession that allows them to travel to many different countries and states throughout the course of their career.

10. Compliance officer

Compliance officers, also known as compliance analysts, are typically widespread in the Netherlands. They work at financial institutions and big businesses to stop employees from committing crimes, including using company information to buy stock and other securities. This occupation also includes a small element of law since you’d need to be knowledgeable about laws and regulations.

11. Mechanical engineering

The Netherlands has a long history of high-tech engineering, science, and invention. According to a talent global bureau poll, regardless of the engineering area, the Netherlands has the second-highest demand for engineers globally.

12. Theologist

Theology is simply the study of religion; theologians examine the various religions in the world and how they affect human lives. Today more than ever, we are all aware of the profound effects religion has come to play in our lives, even though we are unable to practice it. The basic requirements required to study theology are the ability to write an essay and the study of one essay based on a related subject, such as history, English, philosophy, etc.

Theology students in the Netherlands have a variety of job options after graduation, including positions in the private or public sector, education, and the Catholic church. Theologians are employed throughout all sectors of society today, and their monthly earnings range from €2395 to €3061.

13. Teaching

It is acceptable to claim that there is a worker shortage with regard to job placement in this profession if the level of trainees and competent teachers available today cannot adequately replace the number of teachers who are nearing retirement age.

14. Laboratory technician

Laboratory technician salaries vary depending on experience, skills, location, gender, and other factors. The responsibilities of a medical laboratory technician include preparing samples for analysis, using equipment to find microorganisms, monitoring tests and procedures, and analyzing the chemical contents of fluids, blood, etc. To practice, you must have an associate’s degree or a postsecondary certification. You can work as a medical laboratory technician in a hospital, a private lab, a public health agency, a clinic, a research facility, etc.

15. Agriculturist

The Netherlands features robust agricultural sectors, being among the top exporters of agro-food products, and employing more than 660 thousand people at present.

Students who major in agriculture, food science technology, power and energy engineering, environmental studies, or any other related field, can find employment in this industry.


Now that you have seen a list of English speaking jobs in Netherlands for foreigners, you may want to take a look at our published list of unskilled jobs in Netherlands for foreigners.

It won’t surprise anyone at all if you decide to set up your headquarters in the Netherlands. More than half of women and 15% of men work part-time jobs that last roughly 32 hours per week in the Netherlands. Many Dutch employers allow for flexible work schedules, allowing employees to work from home or another location. As a result, work-life balance in the Netherlands is highly valued.

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